How to add Spyrix Personal Monitor to exceptions (trusted programs) in Avast

Step 1. Open Avast and temporarily completely disable its protection: right-click the tray icon in the lower right corner of the screen next to clock and select – Avast Shields Control -> Disable for 1 hour.

turn off

Step 2. Download Spyrix Personal Monitor program here:

Step 3. Start the installation of Spyrix Personal Monitor program. Install the program and run it.

You can use our manual on how to install the program:

Step 4. Turn Spyrix Personal Monitor off. Open Avast again. Go to the Settings -> Active Protection -> File System Shield -> Exclusions -> Add the folder “C: \ ProgramData \ {89DF3612-BE12-A0A6-D34F-FD696F512FCB}”



choose folder

In another blank line paste the following path – C:\Windows\runkey.exe

add path

Step 5. Turn on Avast virus scan protection. And turn on Spyrix Personal Monitor program.

If you have hidden the program on the PC then there is a couple of ways to open the program if it is hidden from the tray:
1) ctrl-alt-a (by default)
2) press “Win-R” then type in “runkey” (by default)