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My purchased license code says "Invalid", what do I do?
Last Updated 4 years ago

1. Make sure that you have the correct program installed on the computer. For example, if you purchased the license "Spyrix Personal Monitor - 1PC", this license can only be registered in the program "Spyrix Personal Monitor". So you need to install the correct program. The same goes for "Spyrix Employee Monitoring" and "Spyrix Keylogger to Email, Dropbox, Google Drive".

NOTE: For "Spyrix Personal Monitor PRO" license the program that you need to install is "Spyrix Personal Monitor"

2. Make sure that you use the code correctly: there should not be any unnecessary spaces or other symbols copied by accident. 
Here you can find the instructions on how to register the program:

3. If you are still unable to register the license manually, you can use this application (just run it on the PC where the program is installed and follow the 3-step instructions):
For Spyrix Personal Monitor -
For Spyrix Employee Monitoring -

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