Spyrix Keylogger TimeKeeper PS/2


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The world’s smallest hardware keyloggers with date and time-stamping functionality. All the features of the standard PS/2 keyloggers, with an additional time tracking module powered by an internal battery. Flash drive mode and 2 Gigabytes of memory assure quick and easy access to logged data under any operating system. Completely transparent for computer operation, no software or drivers required.


  • Built-in timestamping module and battery with over 7 years lifetime guaranteed!
  • Huge memory capacity (2 Gigabytes), organized as an advanced flash FAT file system
  • Memory protected with strong 128-bit encryption
  • No software or drivers required, Windows, Linux, and Mac compatible
  • Mac Compatibility Pack (MCP) option, enhancing performance on all Mac systems
  • Transparent to computer operation, undetectable for security scanners
  • Quick and easy national layout support
  • Observes WWW, E-mail & chat usage by children and employees
  • Monitors employee productivity
  • Protects your child from on-line hazards and predators

Keyloggers for Windows
Keylogger for Android

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