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22 Sep

“An Iron Lady” or “an Elder Sister”: All About Women-Directors

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A woman at the head of the company is no surprise in the modern world. But what are women-directors like? GR describes them in details. Emotional sensitivity The main difference between the man’s and the woman’s style of management is emotional sensitivity. A managerial position makes a man a dry old stick, stone-tough, rejecting doubts,

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14 Sep

Bad Boss: What Behavior Kills Employees’ Desire to Work

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How should a leader behave in order to make employees 31% more productive and three times more creative? The head of the company is practically a god. He or she can inspire employees to Hercules’s feats or make even the most talented ones flee. The recent research of Gallup Institute shows that employee involvement and

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27 Aug

Teambuilding: How to Develop Team Spirit

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What fantastic results can a close-knit work team achieve? What should the leader do to “bring-up” people sincerely interested in the common cause? Business coach Raymond Foster answers these and other questions. Teambuilding as a necessity – Raymond, why does a company need a solid work team? – 95% of the manager’s work depends on

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15 Aug

Parental Control on Smartphones: How to Choose the Right Application?

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Every parent, who gives a smartphone or a tablet to a child at the beginning of the school year, wants to control everything that the child can do on this device. The apps that provide parental control on mobile devices differ in the basic approaches to the functionality of such services and, often, do not

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08 Aug

How to Install Parental Control on Your Child’s Phone

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Nowadays smartphones have become an ordinary thing not only in the hands of an adult but also a child. Many children get their first mobile phone in school and even in kindergarten to always stay in touch with their parents. Besides, a smartphone is needed not only for making calls but also as a powerful

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