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1. Viewing all Facebook chats2. Information about the chat: people's names, date and exact time3. Access to all media-data sent via Facebook: photo, video, audio4. Remote monitoring from any place andany device (PC, tablet, smartphone) 5. Compatible with: iOS, Android, Windows, MAC
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Full control of all types of activity in Facebook

Facebook messenger spy tool – access to Facebook conversations

Facebook keylogger (recording of all keystrokes while visiting Facebook.com site or Facebook messenger application).
Facebook Keylogger allows dermination of Facebook password. ATTENTION! This functions is legal only for your children’s control. For other aims using of Facebook Keylogger is illegal.

Viewing collected data through the secure web-account

Separate Facebook Spy Apps for all popular operating systems


Spyrix Personal Monitor for Windows

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mSpy for iOS

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Spyrix Keylogger for MAC

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mSpy for Android

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Why The Facebook Spy App Is Needed?

If you have concerns about what your kids do on social networks, or your employees consistently wasting time instead of working, deploy the system of Facebook Spy App in order to get to know to whom they constantly talk to. You can get such information by just implementing the software of the Spyrix Company into your devices. Once you get the Facebook keylogger, you will consistently recieve reports about activities of your employees, children. All you need to do then is to enter the control panel of the system occasionally and ensure that your children or employees do their work instead of wasting time on Facebook.
Facebook is the social network, among others, that has a direct impact on the performance of both employees in companies and students in colleges. Their performance is undermined by the abundance of time they spend on being on Facebook, thus getting distracted from their direct duties. In order to solve this problem, some professional companies offered special programs that help to Track Facebook activity. One of such Facebook monitoring programs was created by the Spyrix Personal Monitor, it is called Facebook Spy App and it works by disclosing what activities have happened in a single computer. Thus, this system gives an opportunity to resort to Facebook tracking whenever it is needed on any computer

Deploy the Facebook tracking Program to Control Your Children’s Activities

Several years ago, before humanity entered the age of smartphones, the age of an average child who visited Facebook was around 16. However, the things were like that when the children visited Facebook either from PC or from the first mobile phones that had internet browsers. Now, when smartphones have literally conquered our lives, and even parents became clement about the use of social media by their kids, the age figure has seen a significant fall and is not higher than 11 years old now.


However, the good point is that several studies have recently revealed that the time the kids spend on Facebook has not grown. Nowadays, most kids spend on Facebook not more than an hour, and a little bit more than a third of them have confessed to be spending on average from one up to two hours on the website. Even though it is definitely good that they do not become overly addicted to social media in general and Facebook in particular, is it possible to trust teens about that?
Thus, the program for Facebook tracking is a real finding for parents, since they will be ensured that their children do what they need for the homework – i.e. making researches, writing essays, and so on – but not spending all the time on the activities on Facebook. How does the system work? Facebook Spy App provides parents with a detailed report that shows for how long your child have been using Facebook, and discloses other websites that the kids have visited. In this way, the performance of children in colleges and their knowledge will not be put at risk since their activities on social media will be put under control.
Indeed, social media can serve as a large source for getting knowledge, too. For that, however, children must understand how social networks work and their operations, but they are unable to do so due to their immaturity. Moreover, their calm, mild lives can be threatened by their interactions with strangers, which may lead to something really disastrous. After all, the content shared on social media is not completely safe for minors and a lot of potentially harmful for the kids content can reach them.
Do not expect Facebook to take measures to counter such problems, since its craving to expand even more and become the most capitalized company in the world prompts the company to resort to many unethical, immoral tools. The only option left is that parents will Control Facebook activities of their children. Moreover, parents must be aware of with whom they children do interact, and thus they need to resort to Facebook spy. There are myriads of fake accounts on Facebook, and parents must do their best to make sure that the minors are not endangered.
After all, the overuse of social media in many cases leads to disastrous psychological effects, such as Facebook Depression. Moreover, cyberbullyingis also a reason to stay alert. Previously, such phenomena led to terrible consequences, and some cases include the death of children. It is definitely a case when Facebook keylogger and Facebook spy are undoubtedly needed.

What Facebook Thinks on Controlling Children’s Activities?

There could be nothing more expected than this: Facebook has been silent on this issue. It was because it can harm both the company’s reputation and profits. Facebook has been focused on growing its audience, so it can ripe the bigger revenues despite the issues that worries many parents throughout the world. Stephen Balkam, the founder and CEO of FOSI (Family Online Safety Institute), has disclosed his opinion in his column in the Washington Post. There, he reasoned that a change in the Facebook’s policy could be a potentially good decision for both parents and the company. For instance, parents can join the social media together with their minors.

A survey, conducted by Mashable, has shown that a large part of the participants, out of the 5100, are against giving access to the social network to children whose age is under 13. Moreover, several media sources, such as Common Sense Media, have begun their campaign against Facebook and created a petition on the website Change.org. They ask people who are concerned about this shift in the policy of Facebook to join them. 

Even though there are different views about it, but one has to always stay reasonable. Let us reason: would you accept that your kids at the of 10 would be able to talk to some strangers on Facebook? Indeed, it is a moment for expressing your resentment about the actions of Facebook. 

Why Facebook tracking Is Needed for Employees

There are many companies that have been affected by the impact of using Facebook, and there the situation can be bettered by implementing the systems of Facebook tracking. The system, offered by the Spyrix Company, gives you an opportunity to Control Facebook activity of your employees, thus getting an insight about who wastes the working hours. Moreover, Facebook Spy App gives you a signal once the Facebook page is opened. In result, you can ensure that all your employees are working and stick to their duties, while dismissing those unwilling to work. So, the performance of your company will only be improved.
Likewise, the programs of Facebook monitoring have brought a number of edges and improved performance in studying and work of many people. It happened due to the fact that when people, both students and employees, are aware that they are under surveillance, they will do their best to stick to the given rules. Thus, one can be sure in a good performance of their subordinates. Based on this, many business owners, managers, and parents have started to introduce such system. It is much better to solve the problem until it has become overly aggravated so far.
Such systems of Facebook controlling are based on the principle of analyzing data and time. The systems make records of when the Facebook page is visited, which websites were opened, and how many work hours were wasted on social networking. Once the person in charge of monitoring enters the system, it produces a report that discloses information about spent time on Facebook and the account’s owners. Therefore, the supervisor can make proved, just accusations because the system provides all the information evidence.

Monitoring Facebook activity and its legality

You can use Facebook Spy App only to monitor activity of your children and employees on Facebook. Using Facebook Spy App for employees is only allowed with their permission.