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Monitor & Supervise all EMPLOYEE Computer Activity

1. Monitoring of employees in real time from any device anywhere in the world2. Easy and quick to install3. Easy to use: requires NO IT department and NO server4. Free Trial Period with full functionality5. Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Employee Monitoring Software
compatible with windows keylogger

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How it works

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Spyrix Employee Monitoring – Main features:

Time Control

  • Time control systemThe program records time of employee coming and leaving and idle time. The information is presented in convenient graphs.
  • Productivity evaluation systemCollected data serves a base for convenient analytical graphs on different kinds of activity: most visited websites, application usage, search queries, etc. Judging by these graphs, the manager can easily evaluate the productivity of each employee.

Recording Features

  • KeyloggerThe program records all keystrokes including deleted ones. Spyrix Keylogger for Mac does not support password logging due to Mac system limitations.
  • ScreenshotsThe program captures a screenshot of all active applications on window change, clipboard change or URL change.
  • Web cam snapshotsSnapshots are made on start or resumption of the user’s activity or by timer.
  • Hidden recording from microphoneThe sound is recorded from the microphone of the computer on certain user’s actions or by timer.
  • Hidden recording from web cameraVideo from the webcam of the computer is recorded on certain user’s actions or by timer.
  • Websites monitoringThe program captures all visited websites.
  • Search QueriesAll search queries are recorded in all popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and more.
  • Social Networks ActivityData about chats, visited pages, search queries and more is collected in popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vkontakte and others.
  • Skype monitoringAll dialogues and contacts information is recorded.
  • Activity in instant messengersThe program collects data, such as chats and screenshots, in most popular instant messengers like Viber, Whatsapp and iMessage.
  • Application ActivityThe data about launch/close and duration of usage of each running application is recorded.
  • User’s activityThe program records the time when the user session is started and ended as well as the time the user spends away from the computer.
  • Printer ControlInformation about the printer tasks is collected.
  • Control of removable drives (USB, SD, HDD)
  • Domain users monitoringThe activity of domain users in corporate networks is monitored.


Stealth Features

  • Invisible ModeThe work of the program is invisible to employees.
  • Undetectable to Antivirus SoftwareThe program is not detected by most of the popular antiviruses. However, we recommend adding the program to the whitelist during the installation.

Methods of data viewing

  • Online via a secure web accountAll collected data is stored in your account on
  • NEW! Live PanelAll employees’ screens can be viewed simultaneously in real time.
  • NEW! Live ViewingLive broadcast from the employee’s screen.
  • Remotely via sending log to your email, FTP, LANThe program can send logs to email, FTP, LAN.
  • Remotely via cloud storage: DropBox, Google DriveThe program can send logs to cloud storage.
  • Locally, on employee’s computerYou may view collected data directly on employee’s computer. Access to collected data can be closed with a password that will be available only for a director

Spyrix Employee MonitoringSpyrix Employee Monitoring

Remote Control Features

  • Remote data requestYou may request snapshots and video from web camera, start microphone recording and other actions remotely
  • Remote settingsConfiguration of data collecting can be made remotely through web account
  • Remote version updateWhen a new version of the app is released, the system will automatically update installed aplications on all employees computers.
  • Remote uninstallIf you decide to remove the app, you may do it remotely through web account.

Alerts and Control Options

  • Websites FilteringYou may configure blocking of sites by categories (e.g adult, social networks, dating), blacklist of URLs, blacklist of keywords.
  • Alert Word Tracking and NotificationsYou may create a list of key words, and their printing will lead to system warning.

Why do you need Employee Monitoring Software?

1. Evaluation of employee efficiency

Employee can perform job, give some results, but at the same time the manager doesn’t know how much time was spent on work and how much – on computer games or social networks. Perhaps, the organization loses essential amount on the inefficient employee.

2. Protection from leakage of commercial information

Spyrix Employee Monitoring maintains control of all kinds of user activity on PC, so you will have an access to all employee’s correspondence, using of social networks and IM, etc. It will help to quickly identify employees who send commercial information to your competitors.

3. Security
Employee Monitoring Software will protect you from various types of external threats, that is using dangerous software or visiting suspicious sites by employees.