spyrixSpyrix Free Keylogger
Spyrix Free Keylogger
Spyrix Personal MonitorSpyrix Personal MonitorSpyrix Personal Monitor PROSpyrix Personal Monitor PROSpyrix Employee MonitoringSpyrix Employee Monitoring
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License termFreeware12 Months – Full License12 Months – Full License12 Months – Full License
Remote monitoring via secure web accountyes(limits & ads)yesyesyes
New! Live Viewingnoyesyesyes
New! Live Panel (Viewing of all employees’ screens simultaneously in real time)nononoyes
Full company analytics (all users’ activity combined )nononoyes
Statistics of user activity (web, apps usage)noyesyesyes
Term of Data Storage7 days1 month1 month3 month
Disk Space for 1 user50Mb250Mb500Mb5Gb
Keystrokes loggingyesyesyesyes
Screenshots captureyesyesyesyes
Invisible modenoyesyesyes
Clipboard monitoringyesyesyesyes
URL monitoringnoyesyesyes
Remote Uninstallationyesyesyesyes
Making snapshots from user web cameranonoyesyes
Microphone Voice Surveillancenonoyesyes
WEB Camera Surveillancenonoyesyes
Blocking sites: by categories (for example adult, dating), blacklist of URLs, blacklist of keywords.noyesyesyes
Facebook, MySpace, Google+ etc Activitynoyesyesyes
20+ Popular IM Messengers Activity (incl.Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo IM, Windows Live, ICQ etc)noyesyesyes
Apps activityyesyesyesyes
Search Engines Monitoringnoyesyesyes
E-mail, FTP, LAN log deliverynoyesyesyes
Google Drive, Dropbox log deliverynoyesyesyes
Alert keywordsnoyesyesyes
Analytics moduleyesyesyesyes
User Activityyesyesyesyes
“Black List” Sites (Alert URLs)noyesyesyes
Removable Drives (USB, HDD, SD) monitoringyesyesyesyes
Printer Monitoringyesyesyesyes
Domain users monitoring (Activity monitoring of domain users in corporate networks)nononoyes
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