Keylogger – monitoring a computer remotely

– Keylogger send reports to Email, Dropbox
or Google Drive
– Keylogger record activity: Facebook,
MySpace, Google+,Chats, Emails, Skype,
WEB Surfing, Search Engines
compatible with windows keylogger

Spyrix Keylogger to Email, Dropbox, Google Drive – Main features:

  • Keylogger (keystrokes logging)With the keystrokes logger, you can see all the keystrokes that are made on your computer, even if they have been removed.
  • Send Reports to Email, Dropbox or Google DriveIt also features log delivery to email, FTP, Dropbox or Google Drive where logs are sent to in certain intervals of time.
  • Screenshots captureIt takes screenshot of the desktop view without the user knowing it.
  • Invisible modeThe program will be present on the desktop tray but it will be invisible to the user.
  • Undetectable to antivirus softwareUnlike other applications, this program is not susceptible or detectable by anti-viruses, which prevents them from blocking it. The monitoring system has special algorithms which prevents its detection.
  • Remote UninstallationYou can remove Spyrix Personal Monitor on the target PC remotely – through secure web account.
  • Remote monitoring from any place and any device (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • Clipboard controlThe application features clipboard control and monitors and records all the activities in the form of the programs and applications that are run on the system.
  • Facebook + Social Networking Activity It monitors and records the activities carried out on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, My Space, Twitter etc.
  • Skype (Two-way dialogue interception)
  • Search Engines MonitoringRecords the searches that are carried on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL. This includes recording of keywords that are used for making the searches.
  • 20+ Popular IM Messengers ActivityIt monitors the activities of more than 20 renowned Messengers such as MSN and ICQ.
  • URL monitoringURL monitoring allows you to know what websites and pages the user visited.
  • Blocking sites: by categories (for example adult, dating), blacklist of URLs, blacklist of keywords.You can block websites by classifying them as adult or inappropriate and can also block the use of certain keywords.
  • Apps activityView all running applications including games and iTunes
  • Alert keywordsIt renders keyword alerts to enable you to know the keywords that are being used to make web searches through your computer system.
  • Analytics moduleAlso included in this program is the feature of Analytics module which is used for report generation and other services.
  • User ActivityIt keeps a complete track on the user activities and maintains record.
  • “Black List” Sites (Alert URLs)It also renders URL alerts by blacklisting the URLs of sites.
  • Removable Drives (USB, HDD, SD) ControlThe activities of removable drives such as HDD, USB and SD can be both monitored and controlled.
  • Printer ControlThis program also has the trait of Printer Control which allows controlling the printer activities on the system.
  • Stand-alone Report with ScreenshotsThe application renders complete standalone reports coupled with screen shots.
  • Domain users monitoring Activity monitoring of domain users in corporate networks(available for Business licenses)