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Monitor All Activities In Your PC Using Keylogger

Everything has its positive and negative effects and so does technology. With the recent technology, almost everything is computerized and can easily access the internet. Internet contains all sorts of information which are both positive and negative. This creates a need to protect our innocent children who are growing in this 21 century, full of all sorts of temptation. These children are always eager to learn and understand changes that happen in their bodies as well as the surroundings. As the saying goes if you can’t fight them, join them. As such, it is very difficult to monitor each and every task that your child performs on your PC while you are away. Spyrix Personal Monitor is software that helps you to spy on all activities done on your personal computer.


Keylogger, which is one of Spyrix Personal Monitors features, is used to record all keystrokes made on your PC. Its main work is to capture each and every key pressed on PC’s keyboard and preserves it in a file. This file can later be viewed by the person spying on the PC. This feature enables one to monitor all activities including the email addresses, chatting room activities, sites visited and web searching among others.

Keylogger can be very important especially in industries where workers are restricted from visiting some sites. One can also access important hidden information as soon as it is fed in the PC. It can also be used to recover forgotten passwords. This feature is designed in such a way that it records every key pressed on the keyboard including the passwords. It makes it easy to intercept crucial information as soon as it enters in the system of a computer. Interpreting this information is very easy and requires no professional assistance. However tips on how to interpret this information is readily provided by the Spyrix user guide.

Two types of keylogger include software keyloggers and hardware keyloggers. Software key loggers are application that runs in the computer system. They inaudibly record information and store it in the hard drives. Software key loggers are further divided into two; visible in the task manager and invisible and stealth key loggers. Visible key loggers can easily be disabled by the user. Some invisible key loggers can be at times being visible on the task manager. It can also be detected and disabled, though with some difficulties.

A hardware key logger is easily connected between the keyboard and the PC. Fixing it is very easy and can be done by anyone without professional assistance. It begins recording all strokes that are passed through it and stores them in its internal memory. This keylogger is divided into two i.e. secured onboard memory and unsecured memory. Each category has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing a right keylogger is not a simple task and it depends on different points. Spyrix personal monitor software contains all these features that are convenient and easy to use. It takes 2-3 minutes for one to download the software hence convenient and easy to access it.