Keylogging Software

Powerfull Keylogging Software
With remote viewing through WEB
Compatible with Windows

Spyrix Free Keylogging Software is intended for monitoring of your children, relatives and employees.

Spyrix records all keystrokes in all applications, including browsers, text editors, messengers like Skype, ICQ, etc.

Besides keylogging function, Spyrix makes screenshots of active applications that allows receiving more detailed information about user activity. All collected information may be viewed in two ways:
– Remotely through web-account
– Locally, on monitored computer

Spyrix is easy to install and configure even to beginner user.  All collected data is presented in convenience and structured way making it easy to analyze.


keylogging software
keylogging software

Keylogging Software and the law

Keylogging Software usage is legally if it is installed by the PC owner. In case of using Keylogging Software for employees monitoring, the employer must notify employees about their activity monitoring.

Keystroke logging, or keyboard capturing, is the action of recording the keys of a keyboard, usually invisibly, so the person using the keyboard is unaware of being monitored. The keylogger is used in user activity monitoring on PC.