Internet safety, Parental Control, Employee Monitoring

02 Apr

Mac Spy Software

It’s a well-known fact that Mac OS offers strong set-in protection against spyware, malicious software and viruses. However, people have found a way to monitor Mac activity remotely and to track users of this strongly protected OS. Nowadays, spyware for Mac OS is extremely popular. If you want to know why people use such soft,

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30 Mar

Windows Spy Software

What Is Spy Software? Spy software is a special program for computers or mobile phones that allows you to monitor the activity of the target device. Sometimes, such programs are also called spyware. Why Use Windows Spy Software? There are many reasons why people often need to use spyware. First of all, companies use such

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24 Mar

How to Record Webcam Videos Remotely on Windows and Mac OS?

Why Record Webcam Videos Remotely? There are several reasons why people may need to record videos via webcam remotely. First of all, webcam recording is one of the ways to monitor your employees. Such recordings may help you prevent data leakage and improve your staff’s efficiency. Besides, most parents need to know what exactly their

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14 Feb

Facebook Messenger Spy Apps

There are many reasons why some people want to spy on another person’s Facebook Messenger. This is a short list of these reasons: Some parents want to keep track of people who communicate with their teenage daughters and sons. Parents don’t want their kids to share inappropriate multimedia on the social apps. Employers need to

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13 Feb

How to Spy On Phone Calls?

We’re sure that many parents usually worry when their children head to college. Some parents may suspect that their kids are being bullied at school and may need to find out the truth. If you want to provide security to your children, you can use spying apps that will help you track your kids’ phone

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11 Dec

Spector 360 review

Spector 360 is a cloud-based program. Hence, it is not common software for monitoring employees. Spector 360 is a versatile program in the sense that you can use any web enabled device to monitor employee activity. This is a transparent mode of monitoring with the employee aware of the fact. You have the option of

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08 Aug

How to Install Parental Control on Your Child’s Phone

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Nowadays smartphones have become an ordinary thing not only in the hands of an adult but also a child. Many children get their first mobile phone in school and even in kindergarten to always stay in touch with their parents. Besides, a smartphone is needed not only for making calls but also as a powerful

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20 Jul

The inside out. 7 important qualities of a modern manager

Many of us dream to work with a perfect manager or to be a good manager. Do such people exist? I answer without hesitation: “yes”, but probably it is time to put them on the Red List of Managers. Today we are discussing the qualities of managers. The topic is not new but always debated.

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