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23 Apr

3 Types of Group Conflicts Part 1

In this article, we will review 3 types of conflicts which arise in 70% of collectives. It is important to note that if these conflicts occur, there are no communications within the team. So, first things first. For years, we have been observing several problematic workgroups. These very workgroups have the same types of conflicts.

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20 Apr

5 Reasons For Losing the Interest in Work Because of the Boss

The professional burnout is a long process which leads to the complete indifference to the work duties, growing discontent with the colleagues, feeling of professional incapacity and general mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. There is a number of reasons that can provoke the burnout: dissatisfaction with life, unsolved personal problems, conflicts, bad temper. The work

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17 Apr

5 Reasons to Study Vacancies Even If You Have a Job

“The very idea! I already have a job! I have things to do except that!” This seems to be a silly idea to read current job vacancies when everything is alright. However, the labour market is not like a soap opera with a happy ending: you have found your perfect employer and will live happily

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16 Feb

3 Symptoms of Emotional Burnout of an Employee

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The problem of emotional burnout has been widely researched and discussed since the second half of the 20th century. Sometimes the term “professional burnout” is used to emphasize that this syndrome appears in the professional sphere and is connected to the person’s attitude to work. If there are no changes in the professional sphere, the

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21 Dec

Every Minute Counts: 5 Rules of Time Management

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The rhythm of our life is constantly growing and perfect pictures on Facebook and Instagram makes you feel like everyone around is more successful than you. To overcome this feeling, you should stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, try to become a better version of yourself, a little more productive and happier than yesterday. For

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