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20 Nov

8 Taboos, or What Subjects Shouldn’t Be Discussed in the Interview

Judging by the number of job offers, every candidate has a chance to be invited to an interview. It’s important to grasp this chance. One inappropriate phrase or a tactless question can ruin the good impression that an HR-manager has after studying your perfect resume. In this case, what to say in the interview to

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08 Nov

“Toxic Employees”: Who Poisons the Office Atmosphere

Nerves are an unpredictable thing, you can lose them unexpectedly. Everyone has their kinks but there is always a person on the staff (or even some of them) who seems to have lost their nerve at the moment they got the job in the company. They slam drawers of the table so hysterically that half

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09 Oct

How Habits Help You To Achieve Your Goals

Habits are those hidden powers that rule our lives. Useful habits help us to achieve our goals and bad ones hinder it, accordingly. In any case, habits have a great influence on our unconscious behaviour. The difference between a habit and a goal is not semantic – they work differently. For example: You want to

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25 Sep

How to Avoid Risks at Dismissal: a Step-by-step Manual

This article will be useful in the situation when you have already made a decision to leave for specific reasons but you don’t have a job offer from your future company yet and you are in quite a good relations with your current employer. In other less pleasant situations, when you are in a state

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09 Jul

3 Phrases That Can Neutralize Any Criticism Quickly

Every one of us has to listen to criticism from time to time – from relatives and friends, colleagues, clients, partners or just strangers. Our reaction can be different depending on our character, age, temperament and education. Sometimes we are just overwhelmed with the offence. What should we do in this situation? Can criticism be

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04 May

3 Types of Group Conflicts Part 2

We continue to research the most common types of conflicts at work. The second type of conflicts: association “against” An example: Once all the assistants came to the office of Alice Reyes, the Chief of Finance and asked to fire Linda Paulson. She was one of the assistants as well and headed a department important

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23 Apr

3 Types of Group Conflicts Part 1

In this article, we will review 3 types of conflicts which arise in 70% of collectives. It is important to note that if these conflicts occur, there are no communications within the team. So, first things first. For years, we have been observing several problematic workgroups. These very workgroups have the same types of conflicts.

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20 Apr

5 Reasons For Losing the Interest in Work Because of the Boss

The professional burnout is a long process which leads to the complete indifference to the work duties, growing discontent with the colleagues, feeling of professional incapacity and general mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. There is a number of reasons that can provoke the burnout: dissatisfaction with life, unsolved personal problems, conflicts, bad temper. The work

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