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mSpy for Android/iOS - Main Features

  • SMS text messages

    Text Messages Sent and Received

  • GPS location

    Track GPS Locations


    Call Durations, Times and Dates


    URLs Visited in Mobile Web Browser


    View Photos Taken By Phone


    See YouTube Videos Watched


    Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, Instagram, Tinder


    See Gmail Messages


    Apps Installed on the Phone


    All keystrokes, including deleted ones.


    BB, Yahoo, Windows Live, AOL, Gtalk, iMessage, Snapchat, Viber, iMessage (iOS), Facebook Messenger


    See All Email Activity


    Record Contacts on Phone


    Get Alerts on Prohibited Activities


    Record Events and Tasks


    Info on Cell Towers In Range


    Restricts Apps Usage on Phone


    Send SMS Commands to the Phone


    Uninstall mSpy Remotely


    Automatic software updates

Everyone knows that it’s important not to pry too deeply into the personal space of others without good reason. Children need to be given privacy and trust if they are to develop into conscientious and mature adults; employees need to be given a deal of freedom if they are to feel that they are working in a place that values them and thinks of them as being people rather than simply‘workers’; partners and other loved ones need to know that you trust them to be honest with you off their own back rather than snooping around in their personal things. After all, if you were to discover that your parent, boss or partner was spying on you and invading your privacy, you’d be furious – and rightly so.

That said, there are always times when you need to know a little more than you already do. There may be legitimate reasons to look into what someone is doing with their company phone, for example, or perhaps even checking that a teenager isn’t getting themselves into more trouble than they know how to deal with alone. It’s important that you make your own decisions about the morals and ethics of spying on somebody, rather than that you allow someone or something else to make those decisions for you.

mSpy, which is compatible with Android and iOS, is capable of revealing the truth for you, your company or your family when you truly feel that it is the right option for doing so. Once the program has been installed (for which you will need to be able to access the phone you with to monitor), you’ll be able to use an ordinary computer browser to look through their outgoing and incoming calls, read their text messages, look through their photos and videos, see their mobile web browsing history and watch their GPS location in real time.

The program can be used in a way that is preventative as well as intrusive. If you inform your employees that mSpy is installed on all company phones as standard, for example, they’ll know in advance that they won’t be able to make personal use of the cell – and they’ll adhere more closely to your policies as a result. There’s more than one way to make excellent use of this monitoring package.

Of course, there are also times when you might want to have the mSpy package installed on your own phone. You’ll be able to gather information that will be invaluable to the police should your phone ever be lost or stolen, and you’ll be able to know what’s going on with it at all times even if you’ve lent it to someone else or left it behind somewhere. Once you’ve bought a subscription to mSpy you can use it on as many phones as you like, and it’s well worth making sure that your own is one of them – all your data is always safe with us, and you’ll thank yourself for it one day should anything happen to your beloved cell. mSpy is an incredibly versatile program in more than one way.

Program Description

mSpy is a hybrid software service that will allow you to to monitor all the activity on a Android and iOS smartphone. All you need to do to get started is to install a small program directly onto the smartphone – for which you will need to gain access to it, of course. This program is designed to be stealthy; it starts automatically with every boot of the phone, never sends error messages or notifications, and will not ever show up in the list of currently-running processes. It will then proceed to record and monitor all the activities of the phone, from photos to texts to phone calls and everything else in-between.

This data will be silently uploaded to the mSpy servers every time the phone has an internet connection. You’ll be able to log in to your mSpy account from any web browser and enter your username and password to check in on the details of the phone you’re monitoring. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it will never let on to whoever is using the watched phone that there’s something going on – unless you’ve told the user yourself, of course.

What’s Included

When you purchase a mSpy package, you can rest assured that you will be getting not only a top of the line software product but also excellent support and customer service. We’ll always make sure to look after you, and we’re very careful to be super clear about exactly what is included in your mSpy subscription. Here it is in black and white:

  • An instant download right after you order, so that you can get started right away with setting up the phone or phones that you wish to monitor and the accounts that you’ll be using to see the data you’ve gathered. There’s no waiting around after you’ve paid
  • Easy to understand step by step instructions, also available instantly, that will allow you to get started without having to go through any confusion or worry, plus access to help services should you have any further questions for us about our products or how to use them
  • Free live help, either by email, online or over the phone, that will help you to feel like we’re there for you every step of the way and always able to answer any queries you might have
  • Free updates to all of our software as soon as the occur, without ever having to worry that we’ll release a new version of the software and you’ll have to buy it again
  • And, of course, the number one feature that we’re able to offer is the truth – the truth about what happens on the phones that you own and have control, no matter what the people using them might be trying to convince you of.

If any of this seems like it would be of interest to you, we invite you to put mSpy to the test right away. All of our orders are handled as safely and securely as modern technology allows, meaning that there’s no reason for you to worry about what we’ll do with your data. Both you and your smartphone are in safe hands with mSpy, and we’re only too happy to help you achieve your aims. Order a mSpy package today for instant access to everything that’s going on with the phones, computers and people that you need to be able to monitor and trust.

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