Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition Review


Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition Review


You have to follow the given steps to install the Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition Keylogger program. On the Spytech SpyAgent Setup tab, you have to choose Welcome. You should move on to ‘Important Notes’. These notes contain information about the keylogger. It also explains how to use the software and how to purchase it. This takes you to the next step, EULA. You have to choose the destination folder and select SpyAgent Installation type. There are two modes available, Administrator/Tester and the Stealth Installation. Now proceed to the “Ready to Install” option.  

On clicking the ‘Next’ button, the installer asks us about our requirement for an uninstaller. You have to make your choice, either yes or no. The installation commences. You have an option to read “A notice for antivirus users.” You should go through it thoroughly. It informs you about the files you should add to the ‘ignore/exclusions’ list. This will enable the SpyAgent to function properly. You should read the information properly and then click on the ‘Next’ button. You will come to the “Finished’ window. This will contain two marked check boxes ‘Run SpyAgent’ and ‘View Help Documentation’. You must ensure to unmark the second option and close the application.


On installation, you should launch the program. The program will ask you to create a password for protection against unauthorized use. On completing this simple procedure, the “Easy configuration and setup wizard” takes over. You can configure basic functionality of the SpyAgent very easily. Once you configure the Keylogger, it will launch and you can view the interface.

This is a very good interface to have. You can see that there is a grouping of everything. The program divides the intercepted information into general and internet-related groups. Both the groups have their own subsections. You do not have to scroll the entire log-file while retrieving any information. You can do it with a couple of clicks. You can configure the program with a few clicks too. In case you wish to configure remote sending, you can go to “Remote Log Delivery” Section. Similarly, if you want to configure the screen-shots making, you can configure “Screen Spy” in an easy manner.

Operating System Support:

This Keylogger program is compatible with all Windows systems including Windows 8. There is no problem whatsoever with any operating system.

Security Aspects:

  • You can have access to the Keylogger by using a keyword or by selecting a set of hotkey combinations.

  • You can configure the program to uninstall itself automatically on a pre-determined date.

  • This is password-protected software.

  • It can set up a warning message to the users of PC under monitoring.

  • It can support SSL protection of the emails. It can create a pre-configured installation file too.

However, the process of the Keylogger is visible in this version.


Monitoring aspect:

  • This software has the ability to record all types of keystrokes. It can log system log on/off, as well as idle time.

  • It can also keep a track on the printed documents, mouse clicks, as well as clipboard content and shared applications.

  • It can log the microphone and exhibits all the functions related to making screenshots.

  • You can configure the frequency of making screenshots and the quality too.

  • You can decide whether to make screenshots on every click of the mouse. You can choose between having screenshots of entire desktop and a particular window only.

  • You are not able to intercept the logon password using this software.

  • You can log the opening of files. You can do the same with the creation, renaming, and removal of files too. However, you cannot log the copying of these files.  


Online Monitoring Aspects:

  • It can monitor the websites visited in all the internet browsers.

  • It can monitor emails as well. You can intercept both incoming as well as outgoing emails.

  • The program can show screenshots of visited websites.

  • It can log both sides of conversations in messenger applications such as ICQ, Yahoo IM, AIM, and Skype. However the interception of the chat messages are not that perfect.


Reports Aspects:

The Reports section of this Keylogger is perfect in all respects.

  • You can send reports by email, LAN, FTP. You can even save it to a flash drive.

  • The user can configure them to display in a variety of ways.

  • They have many reports such as “Top 10 reports and “Cross-Reference Logs” feature. This feature allows you to procure all the requisite information related to a certain event from all types of intercepted information such as emails, chats, and transfer from USB drives.

Other Aspects:

The Keylogger has a monitoring schedule. It can restrict visiting of pre-specified websites as well as starting of applications. You can configure it to monitor on detection of a keyword from a specified list.

It is available only in the English language.