12 Reasons Why Successful People Are Five Times More Effective Than You


You might know at least one unbelievably efficient person who can do more in a couple of hours that most of us do in a day. And most probably, this is a successful person.
Good news: you can achieve such a success thanks to a few working habits. Of course, they don’t grant you an instant ascent but will help you to advance.
So, here are 12 reasons why successful people manage to do more:

They create well-structured to-do lists


Most people’s to-do lists are a chaotic number of notes without deadlines and priorities. You list must have a structure or your plans will never be fulfilled. A great way is to make cards and write 5 things on them which must be done today (you can use your smartphone apps instead of paper cards). If you manage to do more - that’s great, but five things are a necessary minimum.

They know that they needn’t reinvent a wheel

Many people believe that they will have enough time to fulfil all the plans only if they invent a brand new method of managing their work and time. However, most successful people take one of the well-known methods - here mobile apps and other programs can be of great help, but you don’t necessarily need to stick to gadgets - and adjust it to their own goals and needs.

They break big goals into separate tasks

Successful people break the most important goals into smaller tasks so they are easier to realize. By breaking the set goal into separate steps you will clear the general picture for yourself. Besides, when you complete several small tasks daily, you have a feeling of completeness which is the reason of being proud of yourself.

They get rid of distractions and don’t lose concentration

There are a lot of distractions around us, but all that you need is to focus on the main point. If you point out the priority task, you will cope with it twice as fast and good than if you try to grasp everything at once.

They aim at productivity, not busyness

Successful people are not just busy, they are busy with the right work. The most difficult thing is not the work itself but the moment when you decide to take control over everything. Don’t get distracted with trifles and shallow tasks - point out the most important ones otherwise you will keep postponing priorities for tomorrow.

They look into the future


Energetic people don’t get stuck in the past, they want to move forward and build their own future. You can look back only to see how far you have advanced. Achieving progress means moving forward without stops.

They know the price of persistence

Successful people know that if they want to achieve success, they must be persistent and never give up until they get what they want. You should be demanding both towards yourself and other people.

They know that where there is determination there is progress

The most successful people understand that if you do nothing, you will get no result. They are focused on concrete actions, not on the endless reviewing of possibilities.

They invest in their self-development

Efficient people devote time and effort to the development of their skills, talents and interests because the best investment is the investment in yourself.

They admit their mistakes and learn from them

The mistakes that we try to hide or ignore are bound to be repeated. Accepting you are wrong, you make the first step to improve and do better next time. So many people could learn from their mistakes if they didn’t deny them as a fact.

They know that only they can attract success to their life

By taking the responsibility, you play your own game by your own rules. Be responsible for your actions, accept the result and be honest with yourself - you are the only one who can define and assess your own success.

They enjoy helping others

Successful people know that much depends on the interaction with other people. By helping others we help ourselves. The greatest treasure is not a bright mind but a kind heart. Be ready to become a good listener and give a helping hand. Helping others to fulfil their dreams, you become close to your own one.