21 Main Time Consumers


21 Main Time Consumers

  1. Unclear goals.

  1. The lack of priorities in daily tasks.

  1. Trying to do too many things at once.

  1. The lack of sufficient understanding of the upcoming tasks and how to finish them.

  1. Poor planning of the working day.

  1. The lack of organization and a piled-up desk.

  1. Ineffective storing of information and documents.

  1. Insufficient division of labor, doing someone else's work, inability to say "no".

  1. Distracting phone calls, letters and conversations.

  1. Incomplete and/or untimely information that leads to the need of "extinguishing a fire" instead of preventing it.

  1. The lack of self-discipline.

  1. The inability to bring the matter to the end, loss of interest in the project.

  1. Ineffective meetings.

  1. Discussing difficult issues without proper preparation.

  1. The syndrome of "postponing" - procrastination.

  1. The desire to learn every little detail before acting.

  1. Hurry, impatience.

  1. Rare delegation of tasks (or the lack thereof).

  1. Insufficient control over the tasks that were delegated.

  1. Going on trips too frequently.

  1. Meeting personally to discuss matters that can be easily resolved over the phone.

21 Main Time Consumers