Overcoming the IT Department’s Distractions with Spyrix Employee Monitoring

Behind the Screens: Investigating Declining IT Productivity with Spyrix Employee Monitoring


Behind the Screens: Investigating Declining IT Productivity with Spyrix Employee Monitoring

A small company based in Austin had a team of 30 young employees, with ten talented IT specialists among them. The company's reputation hinged on its ability to produce fast and efficient results, making the IT department crucial to its success.

Over a few months, the CEO observed a concerning trend: projects that once took a week began stretching into two or three weeks. While the quality of work remained high, the speed was diminishing. Intriguingly, every time the manager visited the IT department, all screens displayed live coding sessions. On the surface, everything appeared normal, raising the question: where was the snag?

The Spyrix Solution

The situation required immediate action. Meetings with the employees and discussions of the problem did not lend any result. The employees always had convenient explanations for prolonged deadlines: a broken computer, a sick leave, or more bugs than expected, but the manager believed it was only half of the truth. He suspected the employees were not as dedicated to work during their work hours as before.

To investigate the situation further, the CEO decided to try employee monitoring software. He was looking for a solution that would provide all-encompassing reports of the IT specialists' activity, and Spyrix Employee Monitoring met his requirements. The software is known for its comprehensive monitoring capabilities, including:

  1. Screen Monitoring: Allows real-time viewing of multiple screens, even if an employee uses more than one monitor.
  2. Activity Tracking: Records all active applications and websites visited, giving a clear picture of how the employee spends their work hours.
  3. Screen Recording: Enables retrospective viewing of an employee's screen activity.

With these features, Spyrix provided an unobtrusive way to understand the root of the issue.

The Result

Through Spyrix, the CEO made a startling discovery. The programmers, each with two or three monitors, always had coding displayed on one screen. However, the one of the other screens often streamed the popular TV show. This meant that while they technically were "working," a significant part of their attention was occupied by the show.

Armed with Spyrix's reports, the manager convened a meeting with the IT department. He addressed the issue, emphasizing the company's reliance on its productivity. Recognizing their wrongdoing, the IT team promised to reserve personal entertainment for breaks or outside of work hours.

Post the intervention, the company witnessed a sharp uptick in project turnaround times. The IT department, once again, was running like a well-oiled machine, thanks to the actionable insights provided by Spyrix Employee Monitoring.


In the modern workspace, where multitasking on multiple screens is the norm, Spyrix Employee Monitoring serves as an essential tool for employers to ensure focus and efficiency without micromanaging their teams.