Data Recovery Made Not Easy


Data Recovery Made Not Easy


Data loss in computers is not a new issue at all. It can happen at any time. You should have access to data recovery tools. You can say that every innovation in data recovery is a result of some accident. You try to solve an issue. You take the trial and error route and come up with a plausible solution. Many people consider themselves as experts in data recovery. Anyone with an algorithm can call himself a data recovery expert. There are varieties of tools in the market to recover data. You should be able to choose the appropriate one.

Solution is tough:

Finding the right software solution for data recovery is not easy. You may find a developers claim to be unsubstantiated. This is more so when the capabilities are restricted to some particular file format. You may not find any concrete solution to recover data loss. Some solutions do well in recovering lost files or spreadsheets. The same tool my fare poorly at finding and repairing damaged files. You should understand the type of data you have lost. Many people accidently delete their files from the computer. You can recover such files easily. They may be available in the “Recycle Bin” of your computer. You can just go there and recover the file. This is the most simple recovery system. You have to understand that not all problems will be so easy to solve.

What are the common reasons for deletion of a file?

  • The most common reason is the accidental deletion of the file. Many times, you may find that the user might not have deleted the file. Disconnection of a drive before completion of the writing can result in the deletion of files. A sudden power surge can damage the file. This can result in the saving of the file but without the requisite heading. You may not be able to locate the file so easily.

  • In case a file lost for a long time, overwriting of the file can take place. Your chances of recovering such files are less. Therefore, you should shutdown the computer from the desktop once you are aware of loss of data. You can always recover lost files. However, it is difficult to repair damaged files. They remain fragmented and sometimes overwritten.

  • The worst type of data loss is when you format the drive where the file existed. These files are hard to recover. The formatting of the drive could be a compulsion to solve some other issue. You may have to format a drive when you try to reinstall some software to make the computer function. You have an option of restoring the computer to a point of recovery. This requires professional handling.

Data Recovery:

  • You should understand the challenges involved in data recovery. You can do it yourself provided you have the requisite knowledge. You can hire the services of an expert to rectify the matter.

  • You should determine the severity of the loss before trying to initiate recovery procedures by yourself. Otherwise, you may end up damaging the remaining information in your computer.

  • The best method of recovery is from a back up. There are many back up options available. You should install such features in your computer that regularly take back up and store in a safe and secure place.

  • There are different kinds of backups. Some are block level backups and some are incremental backups. You can get your continuous and versioned backups from these two backups.

  • You should know the configuration of your computer. Based on the configuration, you can exercise your choice of disk backup, local drive backup, or network and attached drives backup. Nowadays there is a new concept known as cloud backup. This is very common today.

  • You should avail the services of an IT administrator to perform the backups and recovery. He would be able to do so within twenty minutes.

  • In ecommerce sites, you may find some term such as system downtime. It can translate to loss of money.

  • There is no guarantee that every backup would be successful. It depends upon the device and transmission issues.

  • There is a concept called undiscovered errors. These errors in a backup file can go through several backups before discovery. Such errors are replication errors.

  • Every business entity should have a data recovery plan in force to safeguard against such situations.