Detecting Leakages with Spyrix Employee Monitoring

Securing Intellectual Property with Spyrix Employee Monitoring


Detecting Leakages with Spyrix Employee Monitoring

Over the years, a mid-sized USA design agency of 80 creatives developed its unique identity and prided itself in its innovative solutions.

Alec, the quality control manager, started noticing a disturbing trend. He observed striking similarities between the designs developed by his company and the ones of its main competitor. These were not simple coincidences or market trends; these were intricate design details, unique to the company's creative ethos, replicated with alarming precision.

Apprehensive about this potential breach, Alec reported his findings to the company's higher-ups. The management decided to conduct an internal investigation to confirm or deny the fact of the leak. To do so, they needed a tool to track as much of the employees' activity at their work computers as possible. After comparing several options, the agency chose Spyrix Employee Monitoring as the solution that would provide them with the most complete report of the staff's activity.

Spyrix Employee Monitoring, a comprehensive software solution, provides detailed insights into employee activities. Its key features include real-time monitoring, screen recording, keystroke logging, and activity tracking across applications and web browsing. Thanks to screenshots and screen recording functionality, the managers could get a very detailed picture of every employee's workday, including their work communications in chats and emails. Additionally, Spyrix tracks external storage device connections, so if an employee copies confidential information to a USB drive, the logs and screen recordings will show that. These capabilities would provide the evidence needed to identify any potential internal leaks.

Once the Spyrix system was in place, its logs soon delivered unpleasant results. The program revealed that certain employees had indeed been leaking proprietary designs. Screen captures and activity logs showed these employees copying designs and other information and sharing it with third parties via cloud storage. Reports of email communications and chat messages confirmed that those employees transferred the confidential data to a representative of a competitor company for financial gain.

This undeniable proof made the management fire the culprits immediately. It was necessary to protect the company's intellectual property and competitive advantage.

This incident drove the company to focus not only on the quality and originality of its designs but also on data security and confidentiality. By implementing Spyrix Employee Monitoring, the agency managed to identify, mitigate the immediate breach and lower the risks of such incidents in the future.

This experience proves that surveillance tools like Spyrix play a significant role in safeguarding business assets in today's digital age. By offering comprehensive monitoring features, Spyrix helped the management ensure that their innovative solutions would remain their own, securing their place as leaders in their industry.