Does Your The Teenager Really Prepare for College?

Prepare for College


Danielle and Robert always wanted their 16-year-old son Jayden to go to technical college. With the modern demand for IT specialists, they believed IT to be the best career path for him. Jayden lagged in Maths, so the parents found a tutor for him. Jayden was to visit extra classes with the tutor once a week. The parents trusted their son, so they did not pay the tutor directly but gave Jayden money, and he paid for the classes himself. Or so they thought.

The parents had been monitoring Jayden's activity on the computer since he got his own at the age of 14. After trying several parental control apps, they chose Spyrix Personal Monitor for its functionality and live monitoring features. The parents checked the monitoring logs only occasionally. Once while browsing through the son's chat logs collected by Spyrix, Rober found a dialogue that caught his attention. Jayden and his three friends agreed to meet on Friday at 4 pm in the friend's garage. Jayden had an extra Maths class scheduled for that time, so the father was surprised. He read further and learned that the friends were going to meet for a rehearsal - they had formed a band where Jayden played the guitar. Robert did not know about Jayden's band or that his son even had a guitar.

The father called the Maths tutor, and his fears were confirmed. Jayden had not attended extra classes for weeks. Robert had an honest talk with his son and found out that every time the teenager was supposed to be in the class, he was actually in the garage rehearsing. The money he was supposed to pay the tutor he spent to buy a pre-owned guitar and take a few music classes. Without Spyrix Personal Monitor, Jayden's parents would not suspect their son was not taking his preparation for college seriously.