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Elite Keylogger review


Elite Keylogger reviewInstallation:

Initially you have to choose Installation Language between English or Russian. The procedure will prompt you to choose EULA. Go to the “Warning” tab. You have to create a system restore point here. You have a choice to choose the components from various modes such as Invisible, Visible, Help file, and Logs Viewer. There is an option for automatic uninstallation. The computer will prompt for a restart. You have to do so.


  • You can easily notice that there are two warning screens. The first warning indicates that this Keylogger is invisible. However, conflicting software such as anti-viruses can detect this Keylogger. Hence, you should close all the software when you install this Keylogger software. This screen allows for configuration of the Elite Keylogger in such a way that it would not show it’s “unhide instructions” after a reboot.

  • The second warning screen explains the importance of creating a System Restore Point. You should create one before proceeding any further. However, you have the option not to create it by unmarking the corresponding checkbox. This is not advisable in the normal course.

  • Another interesting aspect is the “Automatic uninstallation” option. This can allow you to set a date for the automatic removal of Elite Keylogger from the system. There is a small issue here as you cannot specify a custom date. You have four options in front of you. They are 1) Never, 2) In one week, 3) In one month and, 4) In three months.

  • You have to reboot the OS after installation of Elite Keylogger. This is an important aspect.

  • The Interface of Elite Keylogger is perfect in many ways. It is good-looking and made smartly too. You can see that the information is grouped into sections. The system also separates it from each other. You can obtain information about related user, applications used by the user, windows opened, and time of the happening of the incident.

OS Compatibility:

This is a Widestep Security Software product. The official website of the company states that the software supports 32-bit as well as 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista, and XP as well. On conducting tests, you can see that there are no issues whatsoever.

Security Aspect:

  • From the security point of view, this is good software.

  • The Keylogger is invisible and password-protected. You have to access the software by typing a keyword.

  • You can set up an automatic uninstallation schedule for this Keylogger. However, you have seen that you cannot specify any particular custom date.

Monitoring Aspect:

  • A very attractive advantage of this Keylogger is that it can detect system log on passwords.

  • It possesses all the screenshot-related features one can expect in such software.

  • The user can adjust the frequency as well as the quality and choose to photograph the entire screen or alternatively, the active window only.

  • You can see the usual features of Keylogger software such as logging of keystrokes, and clipboard content. The software can record system log on time, started applications, as well as documents printed.

Online Monitoring:

  • The Elite Keylogger can log the URLs visited as well as outgoing and incoming emails.

  • It cannot log chat conversations or make screenshots of visited websites.


  • This is quite perfect in this Keylogger. There is a minor hiccup though. You can generate files by day only. There is not option to generate files for a custom period.

  • You can send the logs remotely to the testing center by email, LAN, FTP, as well as flash drives.

Other aspects:

  • It cannot restrict launch of websites or applications.

  • It does not have a system of creating a list of keywords.

  • It can work on schedule.

  • It is available in English, Russian, as well as Spanish.