Employee monitoring- what it is and why it is important

Employee monitoring- what it is and why it is important


What is employee monitoring software?

So what is employee monitoring? Employee monitoring software is software used to track a person's online activities on a target computer. It is a digital tool used to monitor the user's activities in different ways, some of which are keylogging, real-time monitoring, video recording, and so on. It does all these without the user of the targeted computer knowing. There are several types of employee monitoring software.

Brands of employee monitoring software

Some of the brands of employee monitoring software are ActivTrack, Hubstaff, InterGuard, SentryPc, Spyrix, Veriato, Controlio, etc.

The essence of using employee monitoring software

As mentioned in the definition of employee monitoring software, there are several uses of this remarkable software and a lot of reasons why we use them. Below are some reasons why you might need to use employee monitoring software.

Prevention of illegal activities. Employee monitoring software can be used to prevent virtually all sorts of illegal activities in the office, as it allows you to easily track all your employees' activities.

Protection of confidential information: employee monitoring software can help to prevent the leakage of confidential or sensitive information, as it can carry out real-time monitoring. It makes it extremely hard to leak sensitive information without being caught immediately.

Real-time monitoring: this is perhaps the best feature employee monitoring software has. You can use it to monitor a person's activities in real time. The advantage of this feature is that you can quickly address or redress issues as it is in real-time (provided someone is getting the live feed of this type of monitoring.

Evaluation of employees' productivity. Monitoring software can also be used to evaluate the staff's productivity in the office. Its collection of data feature makes it an ideal tool that can help in the evaluation of employees' productivity and efficiency. Such software has virtually every employee's activities recorded and readily accessible.

The essence of using employee monitoring software

Protection of the company's resources. This is one of its primary functions. Employee monitoring software can be used to protect the company's resources as it keeps track of everything the employees do, making it impossible for them to either mismanage the company's resources or use them for something totally unrelated to the company's goal or benefit.

Surveillance: this one is a no-brainer. It embodies the core function of employee monitoring software. You can use it to keep track of all your employees' activities without any stress at all.

Data collection. Though this is not an obvious function of the employee monitoring software, it can, however, still serve the purpose of collecting data for reference later on.

Video recording serves to record videos without the user's knowledge. It does this by using the webcam. This recorded video can be accessed later when needed.

Keylogging.Employee monitoring software also has keylogging features which take the monitoring to another level.

Keeping employees in line. Monitoring software can help to dissuade employees from carrying out other activities that are against the norms and policies of the company.

Audio recording. Employee monitoring software can also be used for audio recordings.

Is it legal to use employee monitoring software?

Yes! It is indeed legal to use employee monitoring software. So far as you're only installing it on computers or devices you have authorization for. The law allows employers to monitor all the activities of their employees and carry out the monitoring by using employee monitoring software. However, it becomes illegal when you use it when you do not have any authorization. In this case, it is considered spying and a criminal offence that can lead to monetary or criminal penalties. It is advisable to seek legal counsel before using the employee monitoring software just to be on the safe side.

The legality of installing parental control programs (software)

So when it comes to the legality of installing parental control programs or software on your kid’s device the big question is “is it legal to do so?”. Well, it is surely legal, so far as your kid is still underage. What I mean is you are only allowed by the law to install parental control programs on your kid’s devices if they are still minors and not yet adults. Installing parental control on an adult’s device without their consent is considered illegal. It is treated as wiretapping and has its due consequences as stated by the law. In the US this is regarded as a felony and you can end up paying a huge fine of $250,000 or serving a possible 5 years jail term.

The best program for employee monitoring software

Several programs or tools can be implemented to monitor employees' activities, the best of which is Spyrix Employee monitoring software. Spyrix can perform virtually all the functions of employee monitoring software. Some of its features are:

⦁ Keyloggin

⦁ Video recording

⦁ Real-time surveillanc

⦁ Data collectio

⦁ Screenshot

⦁ Audio recording

This particular employee monitoring software is very popular and quite easy to use. Spyrix Employee monitoring can be used to monitor an employee even without the employee knowing that he or she is being monitored.

Final thoughts

It is common knowledge that several employees do not buy the idea of using employee monitoring software. But the case is different in the eyes of employers. Virtually all employers will agree that the use of employee monitoring software is necessary for the workplace as it keeps the employees in check. It also carries out other functions that will benefit not just the employer but the company as a whole.

While the employees will find it creepy and a sign of a lack of trust, the employer, on the other hand, will agree that it is important to use employee monitoring software.

I don't think there's anything wrong with using employee monitoring software, as it eases the employer's mind. It is the most efficient way to keep track of what goes on in the office and to ensure that none of the employees is going against the company's policies or doing anything illegal. So instead of worrying about being monitored, the employees should focus on giving their best in the office and have their boss see these efforts for themselves through the employee monitoring software.