Maximize Your Supervision with Spyrix Remote Monitoring Software

Exploring The Benefits Of Using Spyrix Remote Monitoring


In today’s tech driven world, the majority of us are continuously connected in some fashion. It does not matter if it is through email, instant messaging, video chat or social media, we know every single detail of each other’s lives, whether we consciously want to, or not. For many of us, this surge in personal communication has been a blessing, a way for those separated by miles to feel close once more. Unfortunately, as with most good things, there is a dark side to it all, an aspect that is continuously exploited by those who would use the personal information and knowledge of others for their own pleasure or gain. But, there is a solution out there, and it is time for everyone to learn all about it.

The Importance Of Being Discreet

Even without relying continuously on the Internet to communicate, we, as a people, have become too lax about keeping our personal information, personal. There does not seem to be the same boundaries that our parents had any longer, and it seems that oversharing is now the norm, instead of the exception. Add in the convenience of instant gratification through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, and it is no wonder that the majority falling prey to users and abusers. We simply have no idea on how to be discreet any more.

This is the reason software like the Spyrix Remote Monitoring software, and its counterpart, the Spyrix Personal Monitoring software was invented, to protect from ourselves and others. The software will help keep track of any activity connected to a target person we designate to protect, but we still need to get back that level of common sense we should have when communicating, so that privacy is not compromised. And, this is a lesson that we seriously need to pass along to our children, as well, because technology can only do so much.

The Benefits Of Personal Monitoring

Now, thanks to advances in monitoring software, parents can use innovative tracking programs to keep watch over their family’s activities online, and be able to track the interaction between family members and suspicious individuals. In these times, with cyber bullying and identity theft at an all time high, this software will make it very easy to capture harmful activity, record it, and be able to give a record of the actions to the authorities, should it come to that. There is no better way to guard those you love from Internet harm.

For example, say that you suspect that your daughter might be a victim of cyber bullying. With this software, you can use the keylogger to keep track of all interactions coming from a particular user name or email address. So, if you know this information about whoever is hassling your child, you can use the software to set up a personal surveillance that will capture every detail, including emails, instant messages, tweets, and even Facebook posts. With this kind of power at your fingertips, you will be able to protect your loved ones from the dangers lurking on the Internet, even when you are away from home.

Introducing Spyrix Remote Monitoring

The newest upgrade to the Spyrix Personal Monitor is called the Spyrix Remote Monitor, and is perfect for people who like to use devices like Blackberries, iPhones, or tablets to access the web on the go. Think of it simply as an extension of your home computer and monitoring capability increased exponentially. The main difference between accessing the software on the go, and at home, is that the remote version is accessible online, without making your home computer vulnerable, through

Simply set up your remote account using the software on your home computer. You will need an email address to use as a user name, as well as a solid password. Once registered as such, choose the option of activating online access, which will schedule the automatic transfer of usage logs to your account. You can track keystrokes, clipboard data, IM and social media entries, and search engine data through this option, in user log format, which will show you the originating IP, the user, details of the event and times. Because this option is still under beta testing, however, you will not be able to capture screenshots or webcam images remotely, at this time. You can request that the log files download with images, by activating the HTML: log file with images function.

Why Access Monitoring On The Go

As much as we love and trust our family, we all know that there may be times when any restrictions on access you may have set will be tested. Being able to access your monitoring software when you are away will allow you to keep an eye on things, without anyone at home knowing that you are doing so. With this software and access network, you can literally be the ghost in the machine when it comes to keeping an eye on family internet access.

Whenever you use the remote access, or any other monitoring option, your presence in the internet and your home network is completely masked. Not even top of the line virus detection software will be able to detect your presence. While it might not considered cool to spy on your kids, some parents believe that such activity is necessary these days to protect them from predators, bullies and the exploiters of the world.

Reading The Logs

Learning to read and interpret the various user logs is fairly easy to do, over time, and is a great way to learn about their typical internet activity. It will teach you what sites they like to frequent, how often, and whether they are downloading. Image capturing will allow you to see the same screenshots they do, so if you see something objectionable, you can disable their access to that site using the blocking option in the overall monitoring functions. Even if they change their passwords, or log in as a different user will not defeat this software, it is just that good. There is no better tool available today to help you be the responsible parent, and protect your family.