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How to increase employees’ efficiency in the office

How to increase employees’ efficiency in the office


Are your employees not as efficient as you want them to be? Do they slack at work or take much more time to complete their tasks than supposed? Worry no more. You don't have to fire all your employees and look for new ones. There are common habits that distract employees and keep them from giving their best. I will not say these distractions are entirely new, but they are increasingly common nowadays.

In the modern world, people are usually distracted by several things during working hours: social media, instant messengers, tea or coffee breaks, and small office talks. There are tactics or strategies that you can use to ensure your employees are as efficient as you want them to be. Below are ten ways you can increase your employee's productivity at work.

Monitoring with Spyrix enabled Linda and Jason to keep an eye on their son without being overly controlling and pressing. It also smoothed out conflicts around control between the parents and their child.

Give delegation a try

It is one of the best things you can do to maximize the productivity of your employees. It might be difficult to delegate tasks to your employees, especially ones that are considered very important, but you hired your staff because you know it's impossible to do all of the company's work alone or you want more hands so you can get things done faster and safe more time. So delegate, it will save everyone a good time.

Effective communication

This one should be an obvious trick. Communication is key when two or more people have to carry out a task together as a unit. You need to understand that your entire staff is a single unit. Thus effective communication should be practised, so the staff can function well as one body.

Develop and train employees beforehand

These days, it is common for employers and companies to expect their workers to learn on the fly. Time and resources are no longer spent on pre-training employees before they start working officially. It might seem like a way to save the company both money and time. But it can come back to haunt you as learning on the fly can cause your employee to be inefficient for a while before he/she adapts to his/her work at the office. So take out that time and resources to train your employees beforehand to increase their efficiency.

Create an avenue for feedback

An employee can be inefficient without knowing it. It is left to you as the employer to bring it to the notice of the employee that he/she is not as efficient as you expect or as they are supposed to be. So you need to always give them feedback. Let them know what they are doing wrong and how they can improve.

Motivate them to do better

I know you pay your employees for their job, and that should be enough motivation for them to work and work well. But adding a little bonus to their salary is like icing on the cake, and it's a bad idea. You don't have to pay them more to motivate your employees. Words of commendation, either publicly or privately, can go a long way to motivate your employees and in turn, increase their efficiency. It's simple, make the rewards set out for efficient employees something personal. They will particularly encourage the team to do their best.

Motivate employees to do better

Map out clear goals for them to focus on

It doesn't matter how hard-working or efficient your employees are. If they don't have clear goals, they will inevitably be inefficient. There are no two ways about it. When you map out a set of clear goals for them, they gain focus and efficiently work towards achieving that goal. On the contrary, your team will never be productive, having no clear goal and just coming to work daily because they have to.

Aside from the tips mentioned above, there are special programs you can use to monitor your employees (this is especially necessary when your company employs a large workforce). One such program is Spyrix Employee Monitoring.

Spyrix Employee Monitoring program

Some of us have probably heard of Spyrix before. It is software that allows you to monitor one's activities (on a device) from virtually anywhere. Spyrix Employee Monitoring is specifically developed for what its name suggests: monitoring employees. It is cloud-based, and the monitoring is done in real-time.

You can continuously monitor all kinds of user activities by installing the Spyrix Employee Monitoring program on the employee's computer. You can monitor activities, such as applications usage, Facebook messenger, online activities, Skype, WhatsApp, slacking, continuous screen recording, live screen viewing, etc.

Some of its prominent features are

Evaluation of productivity: collected data are used to make analytical graphs that the manager can use to evaluate the employee's performance.

Continuous recording of screen and webcam: it constantly records screen activities and the camera of the target computer. This way, you can always know or find out what a particular employee or the team is doing or was doing during a particular time.

It takes screenshots: this is without the user's knowledge. Cool right?

Live viewing: it is what makes the Spyrix Employee Monitoring program a real-time monitoring software. You can watch live feeds when you want to.

LinkedIn activities: it covertly monitors all the LinkedIn activities on the target computer.

Hidden camera and video recording: you can remotely request a video recording without the employee using the target computer knowing.

Visited websites: it collects all the data from every website visited on the target computer.

Removable Drives control: the Spyrix Employee Monitoring program also monitors the removal of drives such as SD, USB, and HDD. The activities of these drives can be monitored and controlled too.

Monitors search engines: this program monitor and keeps track of the target computer's search engines. Storing all the keywords searched using the search engine.

Stealth mode: this is one of the Spyrix Employee Monitoring program's most interesting features. Despite all the monitoring activities it carries out on the target computer, it is still not displayed to the user on the list of installed and running apps. It makes the program completely invisible.

Final thoughts

There are different ways to ensure your employees are efficient and give put their maximum effort into their work. Letting them know that they are being monitored is a way to bolster their efficiency, as they do not want to be caught slacking and fired or penalized. The Spyrix Employee Monitoring program is the perfect way to carry out this monitoring as it leaves no stone unturned and gives an all-around surveillance of your team's activities.