Protect your children from Internet dangers with Spyrix Personal Monitor Software

How to protect your children from internet dangers with Spyrix Personal Monitor Software


With today’s advances in electronics, there are more devices than ever before that can be used to access the Internet. This also means that your children may possibly have more opportunities to get on sites like Twitter and Facebook, without your knowledge, or supervision. There are a lot of dangers, on those sites and others, lying in wait for your kids. Where will parents who truly wish to protect them from bullies, predators and exploiters find the power they need to do it all? Spyrix Personal Monitor software packs the power you will need for countermeasures, security and more. We will be exploring the dangers ahead, as well as the solutions available from software like Spyrix Personal Monitor.

How to protect your children from internet dangers with Spyrix Personal Monitor Software

Little Known Facts About Today’s Facebook Kids

There was a time, not all that long ago, that the average age of kids that visit sites like Facebook regularly was sixteen. That was the age that most kids got their first Internet capable cell phones, or had unlimited access to computers. Now that the devices are more plentiful, and parents more lenient about their use, that age has dropped considerably. On the average today, children as young as 11 now have Facebook and Twitter accounts, quite possibly more than one, that their parents know about.

Thankfully, even though more kids are on Facebook, recent surveys have shown that they have not increased the time spent on there. Currently, the majority spend less than an hour, and less than half admit spending only one to two hours at the site. But, while it is good that they are not letting Facebook take over their lives, can their parents be able to trust the people their kids are spending time with? According to research, children spend the least amount of time talking with teammates, family friends or even members of their immediate family. The majority of their time is instead spent with exclusively school friends, more than eighty percent of those surveyed. But, are all of them who they claim to be?

How Do You Feel About Your Being Active Online?

On the other side of the coin, especially in light of rising numbers of predators and cyber bullies, parents are rightfully worried that their child could easily become a victim, while they may not even know it happened. When asked how they monitor their child’s activity on social media, more than half say that they chose to ‘friend’ their child’s account, rather than give in to the temptation of snooping without their knowledge. But will this be enough to comfortably accept that their child is safe on the Internet? Maybe not.

Using the options available today on Facebook, it is fairly easy to ‘hide’ contacts with people a child does not want their parents to know about, and the conversations they may have online. This is that murky ground that so many parents dread, where their worst fears can easily come true. How to truly monitor what their child is doing online, or saying, without causing a rift of distrust to grow? Cautious parents must walk that tightrope everyday, while hoping they are doing the right thing for their kids.

Top Parental Concerns

Besides the fear that they will alienate their child by asking too many questions about their online activities, parents will also worry that their child might be the victim of a cyber bully, or might even be participating themselves in bullying activities. Kids will do whatever they need to in order to get through the torture that is school, and even the closest relationships might not be enough to learn the truth. Too often, the only sign a parent has involving cases of bullying is the adverse effect it has on the child, or the call from a concerned adult that comes too late.

Then, there are the predators that find social networks to be the perfect hunting ground. How easy it is for an adult to create a bogus account, and pretend to be someone they are not, in order to gain an innocent child’s trust. And, no matter how much we might trust our children, how much can we trust that the information that they share on these sites will be safe, and not used to violate their privacy, or make them victims in spite of our best efforts? The truth of the matter is that we cannot, and it is time for parents to admit that they need help in keeping their children safe while on the Internet.

Spyrix To The Rescue

In the past, some parents resorted to using some form of monitoring software, in an attempt to track their child’s online activity. While at times expensive to purchase, the majority of these programs worked well enough, and parents felt safe in trusting that all bases were covered. Then, social media sites came along, and as they grew in popularity, so did their countermeasures against such monitoring. Now sites like Facebook and Twitter would become havens for kids from their curious parents.

Thankfully, technology now allows for those countermeasures to be defeated. Software from Spyrix now allows parents the ability to monitor all activity on the Internet done by their child, no matter what sites they visit. With the help of their updated software, the Spyrix Personal Monitor, parents will have more control than ever before over their kids’ activities on the Internet.

What You Can Expect To See From Spyrix Personal Monitor

Originally designed for use by employers to analyze their employees presence on the Web, Spyrix Personal Monitor software has a lot of features that will also put a parent’s mind at ease. With this keylogger, you will be able to capture screenshots of designated sites the second they log on, including images sent out using webcams, and those that are received. You will also be able to see anything they may have loaded onto the Clipboard function, even if they are smart enough to erase its contents. The capture function will create a perfect copy for you to view at your leisure.

Live Monitoring Capabilities

With the Spyrix Personal Monitor, parents will also have the option of performing their monitoring live, while the child is online. With the sophistication built into this software, you will be able to so undetected, because of two very important features. First, in invisible mode, you will be able to ghost along with your child’s Internet activity, capturing each site live on your screen, as it happens.

Secondly, the software’s presence is undetectable on your child’s computer, even to the most powerful of virus detection programs. It will also allow you to monitor their activities on search engines, allowing you to see the same results they do, and be able to follow them along to whatever URL they click on, live. Should your child use their computer while you are out, no worries. You can also set it up for screenshots and monitoring activities to be sent directly to your email, as well as alerting you to what is happening via instant messaging and text.

Passwords And Instant Messenger Controls

The Spyrix Personal Monitor is the most thorough software of its kind, allowing for more finite parental control than any of their competitors. One worry that most parents have is over passwords. Even if they are able to get their children to confide in them, and give them their passwords, how do they know that they will not be changed the first chance they get? The truth is, they will most likely not know it has been changed until they try to use them.

That worry is now a thing of the past. With the Spyrix Personal Monitor, you can capture passwords as they are keyed in, even on sites like Facebook and Twitter. The software can even capture passwords used with more than twenty popular instant messengers, as well as video chat sites like Skype. The software will also alert you when the child downloads apps, what kind, and how often they use them.

Downloads And Hardware Controls

Wondering whether your computer savvy kid is doing an end run around you and downloading on the sly, using plug and play hardware to do so, Spyrix has it covered. You can set up personal controls that will allow you to prevent your child from downloading files to removable hardware like flash drives and removable hard drives. You also have the option of blocking any download-to-printer functions, and can block sites that allow PDF files to be downloaded remotely.

Site Blacklist Option

Finally, if you are concerned that your child is regularly visiting sites that you feel are unsafe, like those that might exploit any information they give out, or might be just unsuitable for someone of a young age, you have a very powerful option at your command. The blacklist function will allow you to block sites, in total, simply by adding them to your customized blacklist.

You can list sites by name or URL, to begin with, and set up alerts that will let you know whenever your child keys in their addresses. You can also use the advanced features of the blacklist function to block sites based on categories and keywords, so that any attempts to access the banned sites through search engines will not work, either. And, as always, you can set up email and text alerts regarding any activity with sites on your custom blacklist.