Monitroing Children’s Social Media with Spyrix

Monitroing Children’s Social Media with Spyrix


George is the father of two girls, eight and nine years old. He did not allow his daughters to use the computer and the Internet because they were too young for such a treacherous place. But after much pleading, he finally capitulated on two conditions. First, the girls were allowed to use the home computer for no more than an hour a day. Second, he must know everything the girls did on the computer. Since George couldn't stand behind the girls' backs all the time and watch what they were doing, he began looking for other ways to monitor them. After research, he chose Spyrix Personal Monitor because this parental control app not only limits access to unwanted resources but also records everything that happens on the computer.

Like other kids and teenagers these days, George's daughters fell into the honeytrap of social media. Tiktok, Snapchat and Facebook became their favourite pastimes online. George regularly checked Spyrix's reports on their activity on those social media - but there was nothing to worry about at first. Soon he noticed that his daughters got a new online friend, a 22-year-old lady. She added them to her friend list and chatted about popular kid's shows and toys - everything the girls liked. The girls were crazy about her and treated her like their online elder sister. George found that friendship strange, but the lady was kind and polite and did not act suspiciously. So the father warned the girls not to trust the lady but did not stop their communication. That might have been one of his biggest mistakes.

Once, the lady asked the girls to meet her after school the following day for a walk in the park. It had to be their secret, though - she asked the girls not to tell their parents about it. George noticed the chat only the next day when he came home for lunch and decided to check the Spyrix log. The invitation did not look safe. He rushed to school just in time - his daughters almost got into the lady's car. He stopped them and brought them home safely.

Young children do not understand what danger social media and communicating with strangers online may pose. Their parents must keep them safe, and Spyrix makes this task much easier.