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Monitoring Students in Class


'Monitoring Students in Class

Jessie has been teaching computer science for 12 years. She admits that modern teenagers have trouble focusing on studies due to clip thinking and the merry-go-round of distractions: phones, video hostings, social networks, games, etc. This problem is especially acute in computer science lessons. Other teachers can set rules and limit the usage of devices and, therefore, distractions in class. But you cannot teach computer science without computers, and you cannot stand behind every student's back to control that they do not binge-watch Twitch instead of learning.

Spyrix Employee Monitoring has become the perfect solution for Jessie's school administration. The software logs everything each student does on the school computer and streams the students' screens live. All reports are available on the online monitoring dashboard. The teacher does not have to approach the student physically to know what they are doing. It alleviates the tension some students may feel when the teacher approaches them to see how their assignment is going. Jessie's favourite feature is Live Panel, where she can see streams of all computers in class on one page. She can immediately spot the student who tries to run a game or access an undesired resource on the Internet.

Speaking of undesired resources, Spyrix allows to restrict access to them completely. It also offers the white list feature, which blocks all websites except the permitted ones. However, Jessie found it inconvenient because it was not feasible to whitelist all helpful websites. Instead, she blocked the main categories of inappropriate websites: social networks, adult, shopping and video hostings - and added a few other websites to the blacklist by URL. Thanks to flexible options, it was not necessary to block all the unwanted sites manually one by one. Besides, Jessie can add a website to the block list via the online dashboard directly during the class, and the restriction will be applied immediately.

At first, students tried to cheat the monitoring system. They tried to access Twitch or Reddit in incognito mode or clear their browser history, thinking that the tracking software would not record their visits that way. However, it did not work because Spyrix captured visited websites in incognito and kept the log even after clearing the browser history.

In addition to helping students focus on learning, Spyrix presented another advantage to the teacher. Now Jessie can see how each student's class assignment goes and provide guidance and help immediately.

Drawing the line, Jessie found Spyrix a helpful tool in her daily work. It saves her time and nerve on controlling students and allows her to spend her efforts helping and encouraging them.