Preventing Data Leakages with Spyrix


Informational security is one of the top priorities for any large or small business. Leakages of confidential information can cost the company its reputation and millions of lost profits. Speaking about information leakages, one would imagine hackers in black hoodies hacking the company's security, but the truth is much more mundane. According to various research, most commonly, leakages happen from the inside. The company's employees leak data for different reasons, from earning extra money to revenge on the unjust employer. Whatever the reason is, the consequences of their actions will be catastrophic. This is why employee monitoring can be used as an effective method to prevent leakages or find the culprit if the worst has already happened.

A construction company installed Spyrix Employee Monitoring in their office to monitor and improve productivity and office discipline. Spyrix registered how long each employee worked actively on their computer, what websites they visited and how long they chatted on Facebook. Having those reports in their hands, the company could reveal underperforming employees and take action. The management found the Live Panel feature the most useful since it allowed them to see streams from all office computer screens in real-time. This way, they could immediately spot those who idled away their work time on social media, shopping or other unproductive activities.

One day the manager was watching Live Panel and noticed that one of the sales employees was acting suspiciously. The employee got access to the detailed blueprints and documentation of the new building the company was constructing later that year. He was uploading the 5Gb archive with all the information to his personal cloud storage when the manager noticed him. Of course, uploading any such documents to personal cloud drives was strictly forbidden, and the manager demanded that the employee would stop immediately. When asked why the employee tried to deny everything. He lied that he just wanted to study the documents at home to prepare for the sales campaign. After a long talk, he finally confessed that he intended to sell the stolen data to competitors. If he leaked the data, the company would lose thousands of dollars. Luckily, the management used Spyrix to monitor the staff, and they noticed the leakage attempt in time.