Smart Parental Supervision with Spyrix Personal Monitor

Smart Parental Monitoring without Infringing Kids’ Independence

Parental controls: Keep your child safe on the internet


Mike and Lucy found themselves in a modern-day parenting conundrum. With five children, four of whom are in school, tracking their progress and ensuring their safety after school hours became increasingly challenging. To address this, they opted for a digital solution - Spyrix Personal Monitor.

The Challenge

With children in 5th, 6th, and 9th grades, the complexity of keeping up with each child's academic progress and social interactions grew exponentially. Extracurricular activities, friend groups, and late-night parties only added to their worries. Besides, like any other modern teens, Lucy and Mike's children spent significant time online, and only the lazy did not hear about the dangers of the Internet for young kids. Ensuring the well-being and safety of their children was paramount to Mike and Lucy. They needed a system that could help them monitor their children's activities without compromising their independence.

The Spyrix Solution

Spyrix Personal Monitor offered the perfect solution for their situation. This software comes with a multitude of features designed to provide all-encompassing monitoring and visibility. From tracking keyboard strokes to recording browser history and capturing screenshots, the program is designed to provide a deep insight into the kids' activity on their computers.

Spyrix Personal Monitor also includes live remote viewing of the screen, enabling Mike and Lucy to monitor the children's computer activities in real-time. Thanks to this feature, the parents could, for example, make sure that the kids were doing homework as they were supposed or sticking to set time limits for using the computer.

What is more important, Spyrix works in the hidden mode, which makes monitoring less pressing for the children. The software allows parents to keep an eye on their kids without compromising their independence.

Monitoring and Results

Mike decided to install Spyrix Personal Monitor on his children's computers. By monitoring their chats on social networks and messengers, he discovered that what his children told him was not always true. He found that their older children occasionally sneaked out to attend parties without their parents' permission and that their younger children were spending more time on games than on homework.

Equipped with this information, Mike and Lucy had a serious talk with their kids. They explained the importance of honesty and focus on studies and set several additional rules regarding using computers and going out with friends.


Over time, Mike and Lucy noticed gradual improvements in their children's behavior. Controlling the kids' adherence to the family rules became much easier with Spyrix Personal Monitor. Spyrix software can support parents in maintaining a safe and conducive environment for their children's development.