Spyrix SoftActivity Keylogger Review: Best Keystroke Monitoring Tool

SoftActivity Keylogger review


SoftActivity Keylogger review


You will encounter the following screens during the installation of this software, “SoftActivity Keylogger.” The first option is the Welcome option followed by EULA. You have an option to choose from the Full or Viewer Installation type. You have to create a password and proceed to Setup Logging Options.

All the options are the usual ones except the “Setup Logging Options.” Here you can check up to three boxes while configuring the SoftActivity Keylogger. You can monitor the user’s activity, make screenshots, and warn him about the monitoring activity. You will now encounter the “Ready to Install” option after which the installation will commence. On successful completion, you can exit.


  • There is a difference in this Keylogger program as compared to the others. The interface of the configuration is different from the log viewing parts. The Configuration part has two vertically divided windows. The left part contains the names of the groups and the customization options. The right part contains the options. This makes it user friendly.

  • The Log viewing part has a ribbon interface, very similar to the Microsoft 2008 and later versions. There are different categories for different information. It has a bit of an unusual look though. However, it has a separate viewer for screenshots making it very comfortable to use.


Operating System Support:

SoftActivity Keylogger is compatible with Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP as well. There have been no complaints whatsoever.

Security Aspects:

  • You can access the software either by using a combination of hotkeys or typing in a keyword.

  • The Keylogger is password protected and invisible to the normal user.

  • You have an option to use the warning system.

  • You cannot set the date for auto-removal of the Keylogger program.


Monitoring Aspects:

  • The software can log the typewriter keys but not the system keys. However, you can view the formatted version of the typed text.

  • The program can log the opening and closing of files but cannot log the creation and other activities such as removal or renaming of the files.

  • It can log the system log on / off time but not the idle time.

  • The Keylogger allows the user to set a period for making screenshots. You can choose the quality as well. You have the option to choose between photographing the entire screen and active window.

  • Unlike some other Keyloggers, this software does not allow you to set the screenshot making to every click of the mouse.


Online Monitoring:

  • The program logs all the URLs visited in all the browsers except Safari.

  • It can log both the incoming as well as outgoing emails.

  • It can also log the chat conversation on both sides including that of Skype.



  • You can send the log-files to a pre-decided email address via email, LAN but not through FTP or a flash drive.

  • You can specify monitoring user wise but not application wise.

  • You can configure the maximum size of the log files but cannot clear them automatically.

  • You have an additional option in this software. This is the “Events Duration” and “Several Days Report Building” options.

  • You can set a custom period to view the logs. You can also choose from the following.

  • All dates

  • Today, Yesterday

  • This week, Last seven days

  • Last fourteen days, This month

This makes it very convenient.

Other Aspects:

There are no parental control functions. Similarly, you cannot find any reaction to a pre-specified keyword list. The program cannot work on schedule.