Spyrix Employee Monitoring Exposes Secret Business Ventures | Spyrix


The COVID-19 pandemic forced recruiting companies worldwide to shift to remote work, including conducting online job interviews. Our client's company was no different and began holding virtual interviews to maintain operations and stay afloat. However, the head of the company noticed a drop in productivity, which raised concerns and prompted an investigation.

The IT department installed Spyrix Employee Monitoring to investigate the decrease in output. The program allowed the company to monitor employee activities, such as keystrokes, websites visited, social media and applications used during work hours and more. The collected data provided the company with insight into employee daily workflow and identified the cause of the productivity decrease.

The Spyrix Employee Monitoring program revealed that several employees had started their own recruiting firm and used company time to conduct interviews for their own business. The employees used Whatsapp to discuss their side business and the new clients, and the monitoring program collected enough evidence logs not to leave the culprits space to maneuver. The tracking showed that they devoted about 30% of their workday to running their own firm, searching for candidates and communicating with clients, which violated the employer company policy. This unauthorized business venture had a drastic effect on employee productivity, causing a drop in output and the company's profits.

The company reacted quickly to address the issue. The boss called a meeting with the employees and confronted them about their improper conduct. They admitted to their actions and apologized, but the company had no choice but to terminate their employment due to the policy violation. The company also strengthened its security policies and continued using Spyrix Employee Monitoring to track the staff's activities more closely.

This case study highlights the importance of employee monitoring, especially during remote operations. The Spyrix Employee Monitoring program identified the cause of decreased productivity and discovered the unauthorized business venture. Thanks to that, the company was able to act quickly to protect its interests and ensure policy compliance. It also emphasizes the importance of having clear policies regarding the use of company resources and the consequences of violating them.