Spyrix Employee Monitoring Reveals Crypto-Trading in an IT Company’s Programming Department | Spyrix

Spyrix Employee Monitoring Reveals Crypto-Trading in an IT Company’s Programming Department

Spyrix Employee Monitoring Reveals Crypto-Trading in an IT Company's Programming Department


An IT company that develops custom applications to fulfill specific business purposes contacted Spyrix in 2021. The company owner noticed that the programming department was not performing as efficiently as before. He found that tasks began taking about 30-40% longer to complete, and productivity had dropped significantly. To investigate the situation, the company owner decided to install Spyrix Employee Monitoring on the computers of the programming department. The Spyrix program would allow the boss to track the activities of the programmers during work hours.

The head pointed out that thanks to Spyrix's user-friendliness, he could install it on the office computers quickly and easily without raising the staff's suspicions. The software allowed him to track almost all the employees' activity on their computers, from keystrokes to web activity and applications used, among other things. The monitoring was discreet, and the employees were not aware that they were under monitoring. Generally, we do not recommend stealth installation of the program since secret monitoring goes against the law in many countries and areas. However, if the local law allows monitoring employees without their knowledge, like in our client's case, you can implement it.

After analyzing the Spyrix reports, the boss found that some programmers were spending their working time on personal activities, specifically trading crypto during work hours. It was confirmed by screenshots and their browser history. Crypto-trading was the main cause of the decrease in productivity because the employees spent several hours a day on those side activities. Thanks to the logs, the head managed to identify two employees who started crypto trading in the office and involved their colleagues in it. Those employees were reprimanded and lost their monthly bonuses.

Spyrix Employee Monitoring can be an essential tool for businesses to monitor employee productivity and ensure that employees are working during their work hours.

In this case, Spyrix Employee Monitoring was an effective solution for the company to identify the cause of the decreased productivity in the IT department. By using the software, the boss was able to identify the root cause of the problem and take corrective action to improve employee productivity. However, it is important to use such monitoring tools responsibly and transparently to avoid potential legal and ethical issues.