Tinder Spy Apps


What is Tinder?

Tinder helps people search for singles near their location. If you want to get acquainted with the person you see on Tinder, you can swipe right. If you're not interested, you swipe left. Then the person who has received a right swipe decides if they're interested in having a date with you and either swipe you right back or reject by swiping left. When both a man and a woman swipe right, it means that they have a match. In other words, they can start chatting. Overall, Tinder is a simple and effective way to find a partner.

How Can You Spy on Tinder?

There're a lot of ways to spy on Tinder available on the Net, but the majority of them don't work as promised. The aim of this article is to help you choose between the available apps that do indeed work.


This utility is one of well-known spy apps. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS. One of the pros of mSpy is the fact that you don't need to jailbreak or root the target gadget to begin tracking. MSpy offers a lot of features that will give you total control over the target person. The app can monitor texts, spy on emails, contacts, messages, outgoing and inbound calls, and track GPS location.

mSpy on Tinder

is more important, the app will enable you to track somebody's Tinder. To be more precise, mSpy helps you track all activities on the target Tinder account, view all matches and any chats with them. It also lets you check the search parameters your target set on Tinder.

Some other mSpy features include:

  • GEO-fencing. It is perfect for parental control as it allows you to setup locations which are unsafe for your kids. As soon as the monitored person enters these areas, you'll receive a notification from the utility.

  • Keylogger that helps you monitor all the target gadget’s keystrokes. This feature enables you to know what your target is typing on social apps like Tinder, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype. By the way, the keylogger also records passwords, usernames, and internet searches.

  • Control over installed apps and visited websites. This feature is indispensible for parents who worry that their kids have the unlimited access to websites and applications. The point is that the app allows you to block inappropriate URLs and apps.

  • Tracking activity on the most popular social media such as Tinder, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Telegram, Line, and Facebook Messenger.

Other advantages of the app include 24/7 technical support, compatibility with both iPhone and Android and affordability. Depending on your needs, mSpy offers 3 different packages (No Jailbreak, Basic and Premium).


SpyZee app is another tool to track somebody's Tinder. The utility keeps running in a hidden mode so the target person won't guess that you monitor them. Other than Tinder, SpyZee helps you track all the prominent social apps, incoming and outgoing calls, location, keystrokes, messages, and more. It's pretty easy to use this app. First of all, you need to create your SpyZee account on their official website. Then place the order and pay for the subscription. Don't forget to provide your email and set up a strong secret key. On the next window, you'll be asked to give important data about the target gadget.

SpyZee app

As soon as you complete this procedure, you can install the utility on the device you wish to track. Open the settings on the target device and select "Security". The developers of the app ask you to turn on the option for downloading apps from unknown sources. The next step is dispatching any web program on your device and going to the tool’s website. Simply download the version of the spyware application and sign in with your login and password. Tap the “Begin Monitoring” button and remove the icon of the app to make it keep running in the hidden mode. To monitor the target device, go to the app’s dashboard and sign in. Select “Social Apps” and “Tinder” from the list of features. Now you can spy on the target's Tinder secretly.


This app is another utility that makes this list. This spyware application has similar features to other apps with a couple unusual functions that are not offered by other spy apps. Further, the app is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, the Blackberry, and Nokia Symbian. At the same time, note that the app will meet your needs if you’re a tech savvy.

FlexiSPY app

Once you root or jailbreak the target gadget, you can monitor Tinder, GPS location, phone calls, Viber, SMS messages, contacts, Skype, WhatsApp messages, voicemails, Facebook Messenger, emails, all multimedia files, and more. The other features of the app:

1. Phone calls interception, which allows you to listen to inbound and outbound phone conversations in live mode. Besides, you can set notifications for phone calls out to the specific mobile numbers. If you're at work and don't have time to listen to the calls, the tool will record them for you and you'll listen to them later.

2. Other than phone calls, the app can record live surroundings via mic of the target gadget allowing you to know what's going on near the target phone at a particular moment. Besides, you can enable camera of the target phone remotely. Simply enable this function and take a picture of what’s happening near the device. The taken pics will be immediately sent to your dashboard.

3. With this app, you can listen to calls from SnapChat, Skype, and other messengers. Besides, the app enables you to secretly send messages on behalf of the target person.

As you see, it’s pretty easy to track someone’s Tinder with the help of a spy application. Before you purchase a subscription, we advise you to try out several apps and to check if they meet all your requirements. It’s better to use the utility which offers 24/7 technical support and provides a step-by-step manual. Besides, you should read customer reviews about the apps and check if the app works as promised on its website.