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5 Common Computer Problems and Solutions


5 Common Computer Problems and Solutions

Computer problems can come unannounced. You might be in the middle of an important assignment and suddenly you find your computer coming to a halt. It is a nerve-wracking experience. You may be at a loss of words what to do under such circumstances. Many people do not know much about the computers. However, you should have a basic idea about some problems that can affect your computer all of a sudden. Here is a list of five common problems faced by computers along with their solutions.

1. Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

Blue is a calming color, no doubt. However, when it comes to computer screens, this color can cause nightmares when it comes on the screen along with a bunch of white text. Also known as a STOP Error, it is a scary problem. The solution appears quite simple. You may have to reboot the computer. Flashing of the STOP error on the screen can signal many reasons. It can be a hardware failure or damaged software. It can also be a corrupt DLL file or some problem with the drives. The main remedy for a BSoD depends upon the original problem. You should reboot the computer. The screen has solutions written all over it. You should follow them religiously and fix the issue.

2. Missing DLL file:

Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) files store information of your operating systems. This information pertains as to how to perform certain functions. It may happen that your computer could lose some DLL files. In the absence of the DLL file, the computer does not know how to proceed ahead. You may encounter this missing DLL file problem every time you perform a certain function, say saving files. In case the problems lie in the missing DLL files, you can always download them from the internet back into the PC. This should solve the issue.

3. Applications that refuse to install:

Your computer might refuse to install some applications in case your computer does not have enough hard disk space. Under such circumstances, the best option for you is to free up some space at the earliest. This is not a tough problem at all. You can get rid of files and folders you seldom use. Your computer may have many temporary files, duplicate files of data stored. You can delete these files and free up some space.

4. Applications run slow:

There are many reasons why some applications may run slow. You may have a problem with your Operating system or your application. Your operating system may require some updates. Your computer may not have enough disk space. The best solution is to delete some unnecessary files and programs. You can scan, clean, and optimize your hard drive.

5. Abnormal behavior:

Sometimes certain applications may start behaving strangely. It may be working perfectly fine one minute. The next minute, it could act funny. This is after all a machine. Let us take an example. Your Word document may suddenly stop responding. It may not display the top margin. You may feel the need to restart your computer. It is not necessary. Your system repair software can come in handy during such times.

How do you use System repair software?

System repair software can help in solving many such problems. Many of the applications can help you fix the BSoD. They can also replace the missing DLL files. You can use system repair software to scan your hard disk and free up some space. You can optimize it to run faster. It has the ability to identify problems with certain applications.

Use system repair software and follow the steps correctly.