When Your Child Has Difficulty Tolerating Loneliness

Every new mother spends almost all of her time with the child. But sometimes she needs to do some household chores or work. But what if the child does not want to stay alone and has difficulty being alone in general? Let's discuss how to solve this problem. Why is the child afraid of staying alone? Children who are 3 years old or younger cannot navigate well in space around them and cannot think abstractly.

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21 Main Time Consumers

Unclear goals. The lack of priorities in daily tasks. Trying to do too many things at once. The lack of sufficient understanding of the upcoming tasks and how to finish them. Poor planning of the working day. The lack of organization and a piled-up desk. Ineffective storing of information and documents. Insufficient division of labor, doing someone else's work, inability to say 'no'.

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Should parents snoop on their kids online?

The internet has caught up with the younger generation in America today. As of now, most of the American children have access to the internet, at home as well as on their mobiles. This has started posing many problems for the parents. They are in a dilemma as to how to monitor the online behavior of their kids.

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Kids\' Internet safety - 5 myths and truths

There has been so much alarm about the safety of kids online so much so that one is tempted to believe every story that pops up on the internet about kids. Agreed! There are pedophiles and cyberbullies. However, they do not exist in every page on the internet. There is still some good for kids online and this has prompted some experts to champion the argument against ‘techno-panic mindset’. To adequately protect these kids, one needs to be acquainted with the facts on kids’ safety.

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Two approaches to security in the examples of two IT companies

I would like to tell you about different approaches to security in the two successful IT-companies. The difference in the approach can be explained by many factors. The countries where the companies are situated, and industries (one of them is a competitive game company, the second one is a monopoly of the social network).

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Game time control

I’ll tell you about technical means aimed at limiting your child’s time at the computer. (We won’t be speaking about parental control of porn, social network sites). I don’t offer a ready solution, but I would like to discuss first. Or perhaps it was realized a long time ago. I'll tell you how we do it in our family. The children note down the time with an alarm clock, and I look through logs and send SIGSTOP, SIGKILL and IRL sometimes.

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Password for geeks – completely mixed up

If you are afraid of keyloggers and if you can spell your password by heart, there is an unusual way of typing passwords that can increase its security. If there is a usual text field (with stars instead of letters, so that no one would see), you can type the password letter by letter, but out of sequence, clicking the mouse in different spaces instead of control keys. But I offer to make password input mixing automatic by setting single-letter cells.

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All in One Keylogger review

Introduction: When you install any software into a computer system, you have to follow a set procedure. This usually goes like this. You will encounter the Welcome option. On this option, choose “EULA.” You will have to specify the destination folder. Go to “Additional.” After you confirm your choice, you have to click on “Finish.” This is the usual installation procedure. You can experience the same procedure when you try to install the ‘All in One Keylogger’.

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Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition Review

Installation: You have to follow the given steps to install the Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition Keylogger program. On the Spytech SpyAgent Setup tab, you have to choose Welcome. You should move on to ‘Important Notes’. These notes contain information about the keylogger. It also explains how to use the software and how to purchase it. This takes you to the next step, EULA. You have to choose the destination folder and select SpyAgent Installation type.

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SoftActivity Keylogger review

Installation: You will encounter the following screens during the installation of this software, “SoftActivity Keylogger.” The first option is the Welcome option followed by EULA. You have an option to choose from the Full or Viewer Installation type. You have to create a password and proceed to Setup Logging Options. All the options are the usual ones except the “Setup Logging Options.” Here you can check up to three boxes while configuring the SoftActivity Keylogger.

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