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How to Control a Gamer Child with Parental Monitoring

Lukas is a 15-year-old teenager, and his passion is gaming. He spends all his free time playing shooters or MMORPGs online and is extremely good at them. Lukas even dreams of being an esports athlete when he is older. For now, he runs his own gaming Discord server and sometimes streams his games on Twitch. His parents know about his passion and do not interfere with it. However, they believe they should have more control over his gaming and Internet activity. They do not want his online life to hamper the real one, particularly his education. That is why they chose Spyrix Personal Monitor to keep an eye on their child.

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Preventing Data Leakages with Spyrix

Informational security is one of the top priorities for any large or small business. Leakages of confidential information can cost the company its reputation and millions of lost profits. Speaking about information leakages, one would imagine hackers in black hoodies hacking the company's security, but the truth is much more mundane. According to various research, most commonly, leakages happen from the inside. The company's employees leak data for different reasons, from earning extra money to revenge on the unjust employer. Whatever the reason is, the consequences of their actions will be catastrophic. This is why employee monitoring can be used as an effective method to prevent leakages or find the culprit if the worst has already happened.

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How to set up parental control on your PC or Mac

The internet is one big scary place with a lot of good as well as unhealthy content. And it can necessarily tell a kid from an adult. Everyone and anyone can access the web and view or 'consume' all of its contents, even our kids, who are too young for inappropriate information.

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How to increase employees’ efficiency in the office

Are your employees not as efficient as you want them to be? Do they slack at work or take much more time to complete their tasks than supposed? Worry no more. You don't have to fire all your employees and look for new ones. There are common habits that distract employees and keep them from giving their best. I will not say these distractions are entirely new, but they are increasingly common nowadays.

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How to Monitor a Schoolchild with Parental Control Software

Linda and Jason are the parents of 14-year-old Jacob. Jacob has always been quite an independent boy, and puberty brought this character trait to the extreme. Any parents' attempts to inquire about his school, friends or problems are met with resistance and arguing. However, the parents cannot help but worry about their child's safety, well-being and future and keep pressing the child to get the answers. The pressure naturally leads to even more arguing.

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Employee monitoring- what it is and why it is important

So what is employee monitoring? Employee monitoring software is software used to track a person's online activities on a target computer. It is a digital tool used to monitor the user's activities in different ways, some of which are keylogging, real-time monitoring, video recording, and so on. It does all these without the user of the targeted computer knowing. There are several types of employee monitoring software.

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Monitoring Students in Class

Jessie has been teaching computer science for 12 years. She admits that modern teenagers have trouble focusing on studies due to clip thinking and the merry-go-round of distractions: phones, video hostings, social networks, games, etc.

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Activity Monitoring software on PC and their benefits

User activity monitoring software is a digital tool used in tracking and monitoring a person's activity on a targeted computer. It provides an acute view of all the activities carried out on the target computer.

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How Spyrix Helped to Find Slackers and Boost Productivity in the Team

The Covid-19 pandemic pushed employers to using employee monitoring to control their staff's work. Even now, when the pandemic is on the decline, the popularity of employee monitoring software steadily grows. Employers are in no hurry to abandon the tools that provide them with deep insights into employees' productivity and behaviour.

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Parental control – keep your children safe online

Well, for the benefit of those who do not know what parental control is; parental controls are a feature that can be installed on several digital gadgets or appliances like a computer, video game, mobile devices, digital television services, etc, that allows parents to restrict the access of their children to content meant for a more matured audience, to monitor as well as limit the amount of time their children uses a particular device or access a particular content.

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