Is Your Android Phone Spying on you – The Keylogger software is responsible

The privacy of the iPhone users was in deep last year because of the “locationgate”. Today, the privacy of the Android users is also in trouble and it is said that there is software that is designed by the Carrier IQ, a company. The software is pre installed in most of the Android devices that are released by the carrier. The work that the software is doing is not limited to tracking the location of a person.

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Prevention of Mobile Data Loss – Top Approach

Protection of mobile devices’ data entails the use of preventive data loss techniques like dual persona technology to guarantee the safety of company’s information. The first step to take in your quest for securing your business enterprise is safeguard info on mobile devices. The fact is, even when your device is well encrypted and with full password protection, mobile devices could get lost, or your employees could ignorantly download some malicious content from the Internet.

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The Right Ways to Succeed On DLP Policy

There are five ways that can help organization to improve the Exchange 2013 DLP on the setup and quash any kind of internal data loss threats. Talking about threats to the data, there are two issues that might happen in the organization. It could be the external threats or the internal threats. Both are dangerous. Well, especially the internal threats. Employees within the organization, of course, have the potential with the important information that can be shared through email.

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Which is better for parental control: Net Nanny or Webwatcher?

Gone are the days when smartphones was an exclusive item for adults. Kids now own iPhones and tablets. With internet accessibility becoming easier as the days go by, this means there is more to worry about what your kids’activities both online and offline on their mobile devices. No matter the amount of prying you do over your kids shoulder, knowing exactly what they are doing with their phones is never really easy.

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Thread line between privacy and monitoring of an employer at the workplace

1. Introduction of the Topic In today’s business environment, technology has a great role in almost every aspect of our lives. It is of no surprise that business owners noticed its potential as a method of monitoring its employees during the working hours. Almost all enterprises are equipped with telephones, PCs and internal email services. With these items, almost everything one do can be recorded.

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8 best programs for protect PC from keyloggers

WHY USE ANTI-KEYLOGGER SOFTWARE? Keyloggers have been identified as one the most dangerous form of a malware, it uses various methods to access your private data such as passwords, credit card info, account numbers etc, and then its transmitted across the web to a unauthorized user; then he sells such sensitive information to the highest bidder, leaving the victim with very little to do.  Keylogger technology can also be used to turn on your webcams to film you.

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3 methods to disable Windows 10 built-in Spy Keylogger

Perhaps, little that you know that Microsoft has come up with a digital assistant named Cortana. This software gives the power to Microsoft to track every single word that you say or type when you use Windows 10. We strongly believed that Microsoft has openly put some kind of keylogger into their Windows 10 Technical Preview. The company claimed that it has to be done so that they 'may collect voice information' and 'typed characters'.

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LittleBrother is watching you

In case you are reading this article from your office computer, your boss might be reading electronically over your shoulder. The new technologies have allowed the employers to check whether the employees are wasting any time at the recreational websites or are sending any unprofessional emails.

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Learn about some vital aspects of privacy in office

One among the most common and frequent discussion on the market nowadays would be the right of an employee for privacy in the office. Especially it is the case in an age that comprises increased dependence on the E-mails and usage of computers to carry out duties.

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12 Things you should know about Keyloggers

A keylogger is a piece of software or hardware which records user activities: keystrokes, mouse movements and clicks, etc. Thing 1 Keylogger’s main idea and goal is to intervene the signal circuit from the key pressing to displaying it on the screen.

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