Teach your children the 5 basics of internet lessons - Spyrix

Teach your children the 5 basics of internet lessons - Spyrix


In 21st Century world the way technological advancements are occurring is really brain surging. The mind-boggling part is how even newborn babies are upgraded with these advanced technologies.

In today world, life without cell phones and computers is pretty unimaginable. Thus, it is very obvious that kids are growing up getting a daily dosage of computers and cell phones. With these comes the most crucial thing - the “Internet”. It can be seen as a fatal risk for your children or a door to many good things.

When your children are on the internet you might wonder and worry about how they use it. Because, let’s be honest, for kids the most fascinating thing about Internet is adult or restricted content. However, it does not mean that the internet is only bad for your kid. If you set it up the right way you may just give your child probably the best thing the man has ever created!

In accordance with Pew Research Internet Project, 69% of parents in 2012 were anxious about what their child does online! Their online activities are unknown to them, and they often wonder whether kids use the web to get new knowledge, employment or with bad motives.


Teach your kids these 5 fundamentals of Internet lessons

Following are the five most crucial & important most fundamental lessons about the internet that you should teach your kids:

  1. A simple start:

For any child, the most tempting thing about the Internet nowadays is social networks. It is recommended that instead of letting them go to complicated open social networking forum like Facebook, Twitter, it is better they join Pinterest and keep their posts private. This way your kids will be gradually exposed to the Internet and avoiding many distractions.

  1. The internet also has rules and laws:

Online social networks and movie sites sometimes will ask for age confirmations as they know that their content might not be suitable for a certain age group. The kids must understand that it is not “OK” to lie online about their age to get access to those sites or to see those movies. There are cyber rules which are regulated by cyber law, and if they violate it, they are law breakers.

  1. Set the privacy setting off your kids on their behalf:

It is really hard to maintain your kid’s privacy in the “online world” if you let him or her wander around the web without supervision. So to protect your child use privacy settings on the social networks and decide what is suitable to share and what is not.

  1. Online time is a reward:

It should be understood that a computer is an object required for work and socialization. However, it should not turn into a habit. You should make your kids understand that it is better to have time not online. Online time is a reward. It cannot be taken for granted. Don’t make online time a bad habit of your kids.

  1. Activities to be supervised:

Certain activities need to be supervised as through them you can keep track of your kid’s online events. And check the sites your kid visits. Also, keep a backup of the personal data like passwords, email IDs, etc. Make sure your child doesn’t go on any online forum without proper permission.

Nowadays that can easily be done with the help of simple program – free keylogger which basically do all the work for you. It can keep record of all URLs visited, all keystrokes and some even restrict access to any unwanted websites that you personally as a parent deem inappropriate.