The new add-on to Facebook timeline option: “Expecting Baby”

Facebook has turned out to be the most socialized place on the internet over last half a decade. Every keen user on Facebook has made it a trend to share every life events with their friends & community. To this hype and hoopla, Facebook adds a new add-on to their timeline “expecting baby”. FACEBOOK The main idea behind this is to give the users a unique experience and to help them share their personal life with their beloved friends and community with ease.

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Teach your kids these 5 fundamentals of Internet lessons

In 21 st   Century world the way technological advancements are occurring is really brain surging. The mind-boggling part is how even newborn babies are upgraded with these advanced technologies. In today world, life without cell phones and computers is pretty unimaginable. Thus, it is very obvious that kids are growing up getting a daily dosage of computers and cell phones. With these comes the most crucial thing - the “Internet”.

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50% Of The Parents Who Join In Facebook Are Just For The Sake Of Monitoring Their Kids Online Activities

Recent surveys are revealed unbelievable facts about parents who are joining in Facebook. As per the survey information, 50% of the parents are joining in the Facebook only to monitor their kid’s social activities only. Recent survey conducted by the Education Database Online about the social activities and reports on kids and parents, they revealed such a unbelievable fact.

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Know The Best Way To Monitor Your Children System Usage On Windows 8

With the support of Windows 8 family safety feature allow you to monitor your children computer usage easily. You can have best features like blocking unwanted sites, games and other useless features to your children. There are a lot more feature to monitor your child usage, all you need to do is, just add category as child while creating new account. When you create a new user account in Windows 8, you’ll be able to designate it as a child’s account.

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Skype and Facebook Integration - what this means for kids?

Facebook and Skype have partnered together to integrate the biggest video call network in to the largest social media network. This has created a lot of buzz in the tech industry, claimed as one of the most important integrations. Facebook is home to more than 1 billion active monthly users worldwide and Skype boasts more than 500 million users and 75 million corporate employees. The new service will enable any Facebook user to instantly video chat with any friend in his/her list.

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Employee Monitoring - you really are being watched!

It is quite possible that your emails are being read by someone, or your phone calls are being listened to by someone or someone might be tracking your use of internet. No, it is not some foreign spy. It is not even your ex. It is your employer. She does not even have to tell you that she is doing it. The employers are able to monitor the workers legally, in whatever way they like. They are able to login and review the computer activity if they own the computer.

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Top 9 reasons to monitors child\'s activity in the internet

The World Wide Web is an amazing place for knowledge and entertainment. It connects people all around the world who share useful information with each other. Internet can prove to be a great place to spend your time but at the same time it is part of many controversies. It is open to everyone and there is no age restriction. Although it is a good thing that the knowledge is available to everyone but some content is not suitable for minors and teenagers.

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How to tell if you are spying by your employer

In the earlier part of this year, CEO of one of the Christian publishing companies gathered his employees in a meeting. In that meeting he should his anger about different rumors which were being spread by the internal sources about the company. He didn’t stop there and fired 25 of the employees in order to punish unidentified culprits. The meeting was secretly taped by an employee and hence received press coverage.

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5 Basic Methods in Setting up Parental Controls on Home Network

Internet can be harmful for the kids. Therefore, parental controls will be useful effort to keep out the kids from inappropriate website usage. This can filter your website and also blocking illegal access to harmful sites. In fact, there are different methods to do this, from configuring your router to using Windows’ parental controls or software. Website filtering becomes the best effort to prevent youngsters from bad sites. It also prevents them to access the dark sides of internet.

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Most of Parents Monitor Their Kids through Facebook

Parents have joined Facebook to monitor their kids. As the kids, perhaps you are surprised that you are friends with your parents on this social media. In this increasingly digital lifestyle, it’s quite difficult to monitor kids’ activities – so inspecting social media is a helpful solution for parents. There’s a fact that 47% of parents inspect out their children’s profile each day. They have special interest to their kids’ photos and updates.

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