How to tell if you are spying by your employer

In the earlier part of this year, CEO of one of the Christian publishing companies gathered his employees in a meeting. In that meeting he should his anger about different rumors which were being spread by the internal sources about the company. He didn’t stop there and fired 25 of the employees in order to punish unidentified culprits. The meeting was secretly taped by an employee and hence received press coverage.

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5 Basic Methods in Setting up Parental Controls on Home Network

Internet can be harmful for the kids. Therefore, parental controls will be useful effort to keep out the kids from inappropriate website usage. This can filter your website and also blocking illegal access to harmful sites. In fact, there are different methods to do this, from configuring your router to using Windows’ parental controls or software. Website filtering becomes the best effort to prevent youngsters from bad sites. It also prevents them to access the dark sides of internet.

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Most of Parents Monitor Their Kids through Facebook

Parents have joined Facebook to monitor their kids. As the kids, perhaps you are surprised that you are friends with your parents on this social media. In this increasingly digital lifestyle, it’s quite difficult to monitor kids’ activities – so inspecting social media is a helpful solution for parents. There’s a fact that 47% of parents inspect out their children’s profile each day. They have special interest to their kids’ photos and updates.

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Federal and State Wiretap Act Regulation of Keyloggers at the Workplace

Keylogger hardware and/or software are inexpensive devices that are quite easy to use. The purpose of keyloggers is to record every single keystroke on your computer. Additionally, it allows the monitor to access any password-protected accounts of an unsuspecting typist such as email. You must be having keyloggers installed on your workplace computer.

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Children accounts in Facebook - yes or no?

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world with 1.4 billion users. It is certainly not for underage children because a lot of content shared on Facebook needs parental guidance. The major issue is that underage children are developing a great interest in Facebook due to its popularity and their friends being a part of it. In order to remain in the social circle or in school terms “the cool kid” they have to follow what other children are doing.

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How to make a keylogger for Windows by yourself?

Let’s review some Win32 API functions and programming methods in Windows, enough for creating a simple keylogger Methods Entering simple symbols from the keyboard in Windows (as usual) is reflected by sending WM_KEYDOWN, WM_KEYUP messages to the window where these symbols are entered. These messages send virtual-key codes of pressed keys. They are not convenient to operate because we have to convert them to entered characters by ourselves, considering the current encoding, register, etc.

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New program! Keylogger for Mac OS X

Keylogger for Mac is the best solution for parental control that secretly monitors activity of children on Mac and informs you about it. Company management will be able to control Internet and digital resourses usage, analyze it, send everything via email and find out employees with the lowest productivity.

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Main Features of the Spyrix Free Keylogger

The spyrix allows complete monitoring of all activities on the computer. The software solves parents issue of wondering what the child does in the internet. It will give the parent full knowledge of what the child does at every point of time in the system. The beauty of this software is that it is password protected. Although the software runs in the background and cannot be detected by the child, he won’t be able to enter the application without a password.

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Spyrix Free Keylogger

This software allows the user to monitor all activities that take place within the computer. It is a freeware and has the capability of taking screenshots of applications that are running at certain intervals; it also gives a periodic report of all programmes that are running on the computer. Spyrix Free Keylogger is a good spying software. Some people consider it immoral to spy on the activities that are running on another pc.

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