Top 5 Soft Skills for Successful Remote Work

As remote working continues to gain traction, more individuals are searching for viable ways to make their work-from-home experience productive and successful. Strong soft skills are keys to succeeding in a remote environment, as these skills help you stay organized, communicate effectively with colleagues, and manage your workload.

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Using Spyrix Personal Monitor to Build Better Communication with the Child

The Spyrix Personal Monitor is a computer program designed for parental control and remote tracking of the child’s activities. Its features allow tracking of almost all the child’s actions on the computer, from keystrokes, visited websites, and screenshots to social media chats. In this case study, we will explore how the Spyrix Personal Monitor helped concerned parents monitor their child’s activities and put their minds at ease.

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Learning the Reasons for Poor Performance at School with Spyrix Personal Monitor

The 14-year-old boy's sudden drop in school performance left his parents perplexed. They had no idea why their son was lagging in his studies but supposed that he was getting too much homework. After visiting the school and discussing the matter with the teachers, they realized that only their son's performance was affected. The father decided to take matters into his own hands and installed Spyrix Personal Monitor on the son's laptop to find out what was going on.

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Creating a Healthy Corporate Culture: Strategies for Success

Having a healthy corporate culture is essential for any successful business. A strong corporate culture can help motivate employees, build trust and loyalty, increase efficiency and productivity, and attract top talent. It’s also the foundation of a company's identity and communication with customers, vendors, partners, and other stakeholders.

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Spyrix Employee Monitoring Reveals Crypto-Trading in an IT Company’s Programming Department

An IT company that develops custom applications to fulfill specific business purposes contacted Spyrix in 2021. The company owner noticed that the programming department was not performing as efficiently as before. He found that tasks began taking about 30-40% longer to complete, and productivity had dropped significantly. To investigate the situation, the company owner decided to install Spyrix Employee Monitoring on the computers of the programming department. The Spyrix program would allow the boss to track the activities of the programmers during work hours.

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The Remote Work Revolution: Examining the Pros and Cons

Remote employment is becoming increasingly popular in today's digital age, with many businesses and individuals taking advantage of its flexible working arrangements. However, while remote work can be gratifying, there are also some potential pitfalls to consider before making the switch.

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12 Ways to Encourage Staff Involvement and Drive Organizational Success

Organizational success depends on the involvement and engagement of your staff. Employees who are actively involved in their work, and feel a sense of ownership towards it, will be more productive, creative, and efficient. That's why creating an environment that encourages staff involvement is important.

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Spyrix Employee Monitoring Exposes Secret Business Ventures

The COVID-19 pandemic forced recruiting companies worldwide to shift to remote work, including conducting online job interviews. Our client's company was no different and began holding virtual interviews to maintain operations and stay afloat. However, the head of the company noticed a drop in productivity, which raised concerns and prompted an investigation.

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The Need For Remote Monitoring: All You Need To Know

Remote monitoring technologies simplify the process of maintaining surveillance on and protecting the hardware, software, and networks used in your organization.

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Protecting a Teen Daughter through Parent Monitoring

Danielle and Robert always wanted their 16-year-old son Jayden to go to technical college. With the modern demand for IT specialists, they believed IT to be the best career path for him. Jayden lagged in Maths, so the parents found a tutor for him. Jayden was to visit extra classes with the tutor once a week. The parents trusted their son, so they did not pay the tutor directly but gave Jayden money, and he paid for the classes himself. Or so they thought.

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