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Your Employees Can Work 2.5 Times More Efficiently

Do you know what motivates your employees? Effective motivation system is necessary not only for increasing staff efficiency but also for bringing the biggest profit for company owners. Sometimes it seems that you only need to tie labor compensation to its effectiveness. However, material motivation, starting with piecework rate and ending with complex multi-stage systems for calculation of bonuses, often does not provide the desired productivity growth.

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The Two-Minute Rule That Will Help You to Stop Procrastinating

Do you keep putting things off until tomorrow? Try the two-minute rule. Businessman and travel photographer James Clears talked about a simple and effective strategy everyone can use. Its purpose is to start doing things that you should have done long ago and also finish plans or at least begin finishing them. The rule two-minute rule helps to overcome laziness and procrastination. And it makes it really easy.

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Parental Control for Android

Today every parent knows: when a child grows up, an important moment happens in life - the purchase of a mobile phone, this happens either voluntarily or because 'everyone in the class (kindergarten or another child's circle) has one, and I don't!'. On the other hand, adults need a constant connection with their children - perhaps this is the main reason for buying it when kids grow up.

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7 Ways to Motivate Employees

Employees are an important and valuable asset of the company. How to build an effective system of material and non-material motivation of personnel? The article provides a comprehensive overview of the most effective methods of stimulating employees. In recent years, the personnel managers have been mastering all new ways of stimulating. They use not only the classical material motivation in the form of cash bonuses and high salaries but also non-material incentives.

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The inside out. 7 important qualities of a modern manager

Many of us dream to work with a perfect manager or to be a good manager. Do such people exist? I answer without hesitation: “yes”, but probably it is time to put them on the Red List of Managers. Today we are discussing the qualities of managers. The topic is not new but always debated. I have only 8 years of work experience and about the same number of managers was in my life.

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They are late, not delayed. No more of this!

Nowadays most companies create a working atmosphere for their employees by constant briefings, reports, CRM-systems and many other tools to optimize the time usage. As a rule, such policy is most often forcibly imposed by higher management and correspondingly rejected by the stuff. Most companies face this problem.

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When Your Child Has Difficulty Tolerating Loneliness

Every new mother spends almost all of her time with the child. But sometimes she needs to do some household chores or work. But what if the child does not want to stay alone and has difficulty being alone in general? Let's discuss how to solve this problem. Why is the child afraid of staying alone? Children who are 3 years old or younger cannot navigate well in space around them and cannot think abstractly.

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21 Main Time Consumers

Unclear goals. The lack of priorities in daily tasks. Trying to do too many things at once. The lack of sufficient understanding of the upcoming tasks and how to finish them. Poor planning of the working day. The lack of organization and a piled-up desk. Ineffective storing of information and documents. Insufficient division of labor, doing someone else's work, inability to say 'no'.

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Should parents snoop on their kids online?

The internet has caught up with the younger generation in America today. As of now, most of the American children have access to the internet, at home as well as on their mobiles. This has started posing many problems for the parents. They are in a dilemma as to how to monitor the online behavior of their kids.

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Kids\' Internet safety - 5 myths and truths

There has been so much alarm about the safety of kids online so much so that one is tempted to believe every story that pops up on the internet about kids. Agreed! There are pedophiles and cyberbullies. However, they do not exist in every page on the internet. There is still some good for kids online and this has prompted some experts to champion the argument against ‘techno-panic mindset’. To adequately protect these kids, one needs to be acquainted with the facts on kids’ safety.

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