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Keylogger for Windows 10 Free Download

Microsoft regularly releases new versions of Windows 10 known as “component updates”. These updates add new features to the system, fix bugs and improve performance. Therefore, some keyloggers may stop working with the release of new updates. Fortunately, Spyrix Free Keylogger and Spyrix Personal Monitor are fully compatible with Windows 10 and don’t crash ‘cause of latest updates of the operating system.

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Total Spy Review

Installation: The first step is to download the installation file of Total Spy and double click the icon. The program will request your permission to make changes to the PC. Once you choose “Yes,” the setup will launch. This installation is a simple process. You should follow the simple procedure. As usual, the first step is the Welcome part followed by EULA. You have to proceed to ‘Installation’.

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Tips to Help Stop Cyberbullying

With the increasing usage of technology bullying is no longer limited to School or street corners. It can occur anywhere at home, via email, texts, cell phones and social media anytime and there can be hundreds of people involved in it. The person who is a victim of cyberbullying may feel hurt, humiliated, angry or even depressed and suicidal.

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5 Common Computer Problems and Solutions

Computer problems can come unannounced. You might be in the middle of an important assignment and suddenly you find your computer coming to a halt. It is a nerve-wracking experience. You may be at a loss of words what to do under such circumstances. Many people do not know much about the computers. However, you should have a basic idea about some problems that can affect your computer all of a sudden. Here is a list of five common problems faced by computers along with their solutions. 1.

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The Reasons behind Teen’s Cheating Habit

Where would the future of this nation be in a couple of years from now when those believed to take over from the older generations are in their cocoon strategizing on the best possible ways to out-smart their teachers and come out tops with their cheating habits? I’m as surprised as you are when I saw the staggering statistics: a survey of over 12,000 teenagers across the United States shows that 7 out of 10 teens cheated during a test this past year. 1.

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Data Recovery Made Not Easy

Introduction: Data loss in computers is not a new issue at all. It can happen at any time. You should have access to data recovery tools. You can say that every innovation in data recovery is a result of some accident. You try to solve an issue. You take the trial and error route and come up with a plausible solution. Many people consider themselves as experts in data recovery. Anyone with an algorithm can call himself a data recovery expert.

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How to Set Up a Secure Periphery Around Your House

The truth is that when people hear the words “security perimeter” they immediately think of different military facilities as well as prisons surrounded by electrical fences. Even though it certainly does contribute a lot in those settings, security also has a broad use in domestic applications. Setting up such a secured periphery around your hose is not something hard to do and it doesn’t have to include impenetrable defenses.

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A Guide about Parental Controls

No matter how much time you spend in teaching responsible online behavior and screen-time limits to your kids, it is still a difficult task to handle what they do in your absence or even presence. For making Internet experience safe, entertaining and productive, Parental controls can aid in your efforts. Instead of using Parental Controls for stealth spying, you should use it candidly and honestly in collaboration with your kids for best results.

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Best methods on Securing Your Laptop PC

Portable PCs or laptops are no longer as costly as they were in years past, however you surely don't wish to lose yours, a common bad luck which besets a huge number of laptops on a yearly basis. Obviously, you likewise need to protect any individual or business data stored on your portable PC from being stolen or messed around with, by either a criminal or cyber criminals. Listed below are eight ways of protecting your laptop and data stored on it from theft or unauthorized tampering. 1.

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Replace the Popular Security Software with 14 new Open Source Apps

Defend your network with free and open source - anti-malware, backup, firewall, data loss prevention, IDS/IPS and other security tools.

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