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What to Be: Three Jobs That Will Earn Your Living in 2030

There are fewer and fewer subordinates and more and more managers in the offices today (the number of managers in the USA has increased by 41% since 1996 to 2016, but the number of job opportunities has decreased by 11%). Companies approach hiring more and more carefully and try to predict what employees they need today to have a competitive advantage tomorrow.

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3 Symptoms of Emotional Burnout of an Employee

The problem of emotional burnout has been widely researched and discussed since the second half of the 20th century. Sometimes the term “professional burnout” is used to emphasize that this syndrome appears in the professional sphere and is connected to the person’s attitude to work. If there are no changes in the professional sphere, the person will extend the consequences of the syndrome to other spheres of his or her life.

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How Not to Let a “Star” Run You Ragged

What should be done before firing a troublesome, yet useful employee A Murphy’s law: nearly every team includes a person who is like a nail in the shoe for the manager. The employee can spread around negativity, doubting the future of the company publicly and loudly or break the universally accepted rules, encouraging his or her colleagues to do the same with his or her behaviour or even instigate strife and hatred.

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Every Minute Counts: 5 Rules of Time Management

The rhythm of our life is constantly growing and perfect pictures on Facebook and Instagram makes you feel like everyone around is more successful than you. To overcome this feeling, you should stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, try to become a better version of yourself, a little more productive and happier than yesterday. For a start, reconsider how you spend your time, using the 5 proven principles of time management.

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How to Recognize a Strong Leader in a Young Employee

The world is constantly changing, and the young people are changing along with it. They are hard to understand, hard to work with and can doubtfully be trusted with managing posts. How to work with young managers? What young employees should you promote and whom can you give an opportunity to prove themselves? These are the questions (and many more similar ones) every top manager asks himself or herself. We are going to discuss these questions and try to find answers to them in this article.

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5 Most Common Types of Job Interviews and How to Pass Them Successfully

In general, all job interviews are alike. The employer’s goal is to compare the candidate’s skills and experience with the requirements to find the best employee to perform certain tasks. The candidate’s goal is to present his or her strengths (supposing that the candidate meets all the requirements) and get the job if the offered conditions satisfy him or her. Job interviews differ in forms.

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KPI: 8 Key Issues for Implementation and Use

Any owner, whether a top manager of a large corporation or an entrepreneur from the small and medium business sector, dreams that his or her company runs like clockwork and requires minimal management intervention in solving routine tasks. For this, it is necessary that every employee realizes the importance of his or her participation in the overall success of the whole company and, as a consequence, takes responsibility for the performance of his or her duties.

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Spyrix Parental Software Supports UK Antibullying Campaign

Traditionally, every 3rd week of November in the UK is dedicated to fighting bullying. In 2017 the Anti-Bullying Alliance coordinates the campaign with the theme 'All Different, All Equal'. The main aim of this year’s campaign is to empower all youngsters to celebrate what makes them different, unique and, at the same time, equally deserving to be accepted and valued. The focus is, naturally, on the efforts to prevent bullying and an honest and open discussion of its consequences.

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5 Rules of Survival, if Your Boss is Incompetent

There is a very good phrase: try to benefit from disadvantages. If you work under the boss who is not distinguished by professionalism, take advantage of it for your career and personal growth. Learn to do what a boss should be able to do While the boss is trying to hide his or her lack of knowledge and skills from everyone around, you can use this time to learn new managing functions and roles. For example, think over and start to make suggestions how to optimize the work.

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If Your Employees Are Loafing Around, You Are Probably Doing These 11 Things Wrong

If your employees are working without enthusiasm, loafing around openly and showing low productivity, it is high time to admit: the problem is yours, not theirs. Negligence causes negligence I have run into a quote recently: “People come for the bright perspectives to the company but leave it because of the poor management”. Low productivity performance of a team (sometimes even of the whole business) often means only that there is something wrong with the management.

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