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3 methods to disable Windows 10 built-in Spy Keylogger

Perhaps, little that you know that Microsoft has come up with a digital assistant named Cortana. This software gives the power to Microsoft to track every single word that you say or type when you use Windows 10. We strongly believed that Microsoft has openly put some kind of keylogger into their Windows 10 Technical Preview. The company claimed that it has to be done so that they 'may collect voice information' and 'typed characters'.

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LittleBrother is watching you

In case you are reading this article from your office computer, your boss might be reading electronically over your shoulder. The new technologies have allowed the employers to check whether the employees are wasting any time at the recreational websites or are sending any unprofessional emails.

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Learn about some vital aspects of privacy in office

One among the most common and frequent discussion on the market nowadays would be the right of an employee for privacy in the office. Especially it is the case in an age that comprises increased dependence on the E-mails and usage of computers to carry out duties.

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12 Things you should know about Keyloggers

A keylogger is a piece of software or hardware which records user activities: keystrokes, mouse movements and clicks, etc. Thing 1 Keylogger’s main idea and goal is to intervene the signal circuit from the key pressing to displaying it on the screen.

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Parents Admonished to monitor their Kid’s internet activities

Announcing the launch of Internet Matters, a platform to enlighten individuals, especially parents on their kid’s social network profiles, the web pages they visit, and guiding against internet abuse. In a bid to preventing children from the abuse of internet facilities, four of UK’s top internet providers have admonished that parents should supervise their kid’s online activities e.g. the sites they visit and their online profiles.

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Tracking your workers’ Computers without being offensive

How sure are you of your employees’ activities online? Just when you thought they are busy on official assignments, they could be seeing some porn videos online. You never can tell what they are doing with their PCs which could lead your business to financial nosedive.  However, I’ll take you through a brief guide that will teach you how to monitor your employees’ activities on their computers – both online and offline.

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12 Tips for Monitoring Kid’s Social Media

The use of social media is on the rise and the research shows that about 22% of the teenagers log on to their favorite sites of social media more than ten times daily and about 75% of them own a cell phone.  With such high engagement levels, there are multiple risks including that of cyberbullying, “Facebook depression” (it is a new phenomenon meaning that “de-friending” and the online bullying can lead to the depression symptoms), sexting and exposure to the inappropriate content.

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How to Spy on your Child Online

Why one should monitor the cell phone and the computer use of kids, when one generally knows where the kids are every day, with whom they are, and what are they doing. Well, in digital world, even the youngest children these days are spending a lot of time and we are often reduced to role of mere spectators and majority of us are reeling from case of a digital whiplash. Even little kids these days might understand the technology of today much better than us.

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The new add-on to Facebook timeline option: “Expecting Baby”

Facebook has turned out to be the most socialized place on the internet over last half a decade. Every keen user on Facebook has made it a trend to share every life events with their friends & community. To this hype and hoopla, Facebook adds a new add-on to their timeline “expecting baby”. FACEBOOK The main idea behind this is to give the users a unique experience and to help them share their personal life with their beloved friends and community with ease.

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Teach your children the 5 basics of internet lessons - Spyrix

In 21 st   Century world the way technological advancements are occurring is really brain surging. The mind-boggling part is how even newborn babies are upgraded with these advanced technologies. In today world, life without cell phones and computers is pretty unimaginable. Thus, it is very obvious that kids are growing up getting a daily dosage of computers and cell phones. With these comes the most crucial thing - the “Internet”.

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