Spyrix - Preguntas más frecuentes (FAQ) - Supervise la actividad de su PC con seguridad

Preguntas recientes

  • Does Spyrix make records of user activity?

    Yes, Spyrix can record user activities such as: running an application, entering symbols, passwords and workings on email. The program can also save screenshots and send all these records via email.

  • Can the program make records of website visits?

    Yes, Spyrix can record websites visited by the user. It saves any sort of information that user entered on the websites such as emails, passwords, different forms, chats and screenshots of the site.

  • Can Spyrix control chat in Facebook?

    Yes, Spyrix can control chat in Facebook. Our program is one of the few that are available in the market today where this function works successfully.This program also has other unique function such as tracking of services like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Skype.

  • How will I receive information about unwanted correspondence or unwanted visits of sites?

    Spyrix has a unique Alert Function. With its help you can adjust a list of unwanted words, phrases or sites and later you can receive these notifications by email.

  • ¿Cómo puedo controlar a mis hijos?

    Spyrix has many functions that allow you to control your colleagues. The most popular functions are: control of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn), control of Internet messengers (SKYPE, MSN, ICQ, and QQ), email control, control of sites visits, making screenshots and many others.

  • How can I control my employees?

    Spyrix can be good for directors and managers. Through our program they can stay informed about what their employees usually do during their working time. Perhaps they are searching for a new job that can influence negatively on your company development.

  • What the analytic module is intended for?

    Analytic module of Spyrix allows receiving detailed information about the user who is being monitored. You can learn about sites that he often visits, and the kind of information that is mostly interesting for him. This information can be very helpful for you.

  • What operating systems is Spyrix compatible with?

    Spyrix is compatible with all versions of the Windows OS including the latest – Microsoft Windows 10.